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(Sneeze from someone in the Audience)

Teacher: “God bless you!” Did I just say a good thing? Do you think that a blessing is a good thing?

A blessing is a good thing. It is a gift. Let me show you. (Distribute blank cards.) Now, I just gave you a gift. Do you feel blessed?

Children: Hopefully will say “no.”

Teacher: Why not? (Allow for answers) But, you could use this as a bookmark. (Take hymnal or bible and demonstrate.) Okay, maybe this will help. (Distribute pencils or crayons.) Now do you feel more blessed?

Children: (will hopefully be more appreciative)

Teacher: That’s because a blessing isn’t just any old gift, it is a good gift that is meant to be helpful, useful or encouraging. How could you use these gifts now? It’s fun to get gifts isn’t it. It’s even better when the gift is something that we can use or appreciate. When we receive that kind of a gift it is a “blessing.” Who do we give blessings to?

Did you know that God also blesses you? He loves you. That’s a blessing in itself. Can you think of some other ways that God blesses you? (see what they say) He cares for us. He forgives us. Are these helpful gifts? Now, do you think that these gifts are meant for us to keep to ourselves? Don’t you think it might be fun to bless others too, when you love them and when you forgive them if they hurt you? Let’s take the gifts that you’ve been given and bless someone else. Let’s draw a Smiley on our cards. Now, let’s think of someone that we can give it too. Now, let’s pray and thank God for our blessings and pray for a blessing for others as well. (short prayer)

Now, you’ve been blessed to be a blessing. Go give your blessing to someone else. (Encourage the children to give away their cards with the Smiley on them. Teacher: Give yours to someone else on the platform, such as the organist or head musician. And dismiss the children.

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