Drop Down Menus in Internet Explorer


The drop down menus on the Sermons4Kids web site use a programming language called JavaScript. Recent Windows updates involving Internet Explorer have made the menus quit working on some machines. This is certainly not unique to our web site. Search the web for "JavaScript doesn't work in Internet Explorer 10" and you will find that it is a wide-spread problem. Until recently, it has only affected Windows 8 computers, but Windows update is now updating Windows 7 computers to IE10.

People who use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari are not being affected, so one solution would be to switch to Chrome or Firefox, but if you don't want to change, here are instructions on how to fix a computer when Windows Internet Explorer 10 has caused the menus to quit working.

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click on tools
  3. Click on Compatibility View Settings
  4. In the pop-up window, add sermons4kids.com to the Compatibility View list

Since many sites on the web use JavaScript, I also checked the box that says "Display all websites in Compatibility View."

The drop down menus should now work. If not, let us know.