The Children's Bible Hour: Keys for Kids

Keys for Kids is a daily devotional for children.

Made Special

Bible Reading: Genesis 5:1; Romans 9:20; 1 Timothy 4:4

Samantha was staring at the mirror in her bedroom when her older cousin knocked on her door.

"Ready to go?" asked Avery. She had agreed to drive Sam to a birthday party across town.

"I don't think I want to go to the party anymore," Sam said. "Mom and I can drop off Juliet's present on the way to church tomorrow."

Avery looked surprised. "Why don't you want to go? You love parties."

"I look ugly," said Samantha. She looked into the mirror and touched her face. "Why did God have to make me with all these freckles?"

Avery sat on Sam's bed. "First of all, you are far from ugly. You have beautiful, curly red hair and big green eyes!"

Samantha frowned. "And brown dots all over my body, fat legs, and ears that stick out! The boys in my class call me Freckle Face and other names."

Avery walked over to Sam and hugged her. "I'm sorry they say things that hurt your feelings--it's wrong of them to do that. But God made you, so you can't possibly be ugly. Those freckles are beautiful because God gave them to you. Your legs are lovely because God shaped them just how He wanted them. And those ears are perfect because God formed them when you were still in your mom's belly!"

Sam turned away from the mirror and looked at Avery. "But I don't feel pretty."

"That's because you're forgetting who you belong to."

"What do you mean?" asked Sam.

"Because you trust in Jesus, you are a child of God, a daughter of the King, formed by the Creator for a special purpose. And there is no one else like you!" Avery brushed Sam's hair from her face. "He made you in His image, and He loves you so much that He sent Jesus to die for your sins so you could be His child."

Sam pulled her hair into a ponytail and then stared at her reflection in the mirror. "If God went to all that trouble to make me special, and if He decided I should have freckles, well--I guess I shouldn't complain."

Avery grinned. "You got that right! Now let's go to a party!"

-Bonnie Carr

How About You?
Do you ever feel like you don't measure up? Maybe you don't like the way your hair or your nose looks, or you wish you could run as fast or throw a ball as far as some of the other kids. Whenever you feel that way, remember God created you special, just as you are! He made you His child by sending His Son to die for you. You always measure up because He made you and loves you.

Today's Key Verse:
I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well. (NKJV) (Psalm 139:14 )

Today's Key Thought:
God made you