The Children's Bible Hour: Keys for Kids

Keys for Kids is a daily devotional for children.

Family Loyalty

Bible Reading: Ephesians 5:22-28

Caleb and Jake Parker were cousins who lived across the country from each other. When they got together, they had a lot of fun, but that didn't happen too often. This summer, however, Caleb was staying with Jake for an entire month while his mom had knee surgery.

"You boys are so much alike," Mr. Parker remarked as he drove them to Wacky Wednesdays, the summer kids' club at church. "You like the same things and you look enough alike to be brothers."

"Except Caleb's a Pirates fan and I'm a Dodgers fan." Jake laughed. "He's dreading the game on Saturday even though we're sitting right behind home plate because he knows we're gonna win." Jake poked his cousin. "You could become a Dodgers fan just for the summer."

Caleb looked horrified. "No way! I'm a Pirates fan forever and ever." The boys had been debating about their teams since the day Caleb arrived.

Mr. Parker turned onto the highway. "Are you boys still learning about the Ten Commandments at Wacky Wednesdays?"

"Yeah," Jake said. "Today we'll be talking about the seventh commandment."

"It has something to do with adults...ery or something like that," said Caleb. "I don't understand what that word means."

"Adultery," Mr. Parker corrected. "That verse is talking to husbands and wives. God is telling them to be loyal to each other. Do you boys know what loyalty is?"

"Sort of," the boys both answered, but they didn't sound too sure.

Mr. Parker smiled. "Actually, you guys just showed me loyalty--Caleb, you are loyal to the Pirates, and Jake, you are loyal to the Dodgers. No one could talk either one of you out of being loyal to your own team. And that's the way I feel about your mom, Jake. No one could talk me out of loving her. I am loyal to her. That's what that commandment is saying husbands and wives should do--be loyal to one another so their marriage will reflect the love and faithfulness Jesus shows all of us."

"Thanks, Dad. You're a good explainer. Now I understand what loyalty is."

"Right," said Caleb, "Go Pirates!"

"No," Jake said. "Go Dodgers!"

-Linda Weddle

How About You?
Who are you loyal to? Your soccer team? Your school? Your friends? The Lord tells husbands and wives to be loyal to each other. Jesus loves us and promises to always be faithful to us, and He tells husbands and wives to demonstrate that same kind of faithfulness in marriage. Even though you're young, you can trust Jesus to help you be faithful like Him throughout your life.

Today's Key Verse:
You shall not commit adultery. (NKJV) (Exodus 20:14)

Today's Key Thought:
Be loyal to your family