Mary Had a Little Lamb
Actividades del grupo

Sermon Title: "Mary Had a Little Lamb"

Scripture Reading:Luke 1:26-38


Let children hide and let the teacher or another leader try to find all the lambs. When one is found, they will join hands and continue to hunt for other lambs. Everytime one lamb if found, they must BAA BAA until another lamb is found.


– Let children draw or trace a candy cane UPSIDE DOWN to form a "J" for Jesus. Discuss today's story and the true meaning of Christmas! Children can decorate their "J" and write JESUS is the TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS.


The teacher can draw an outline of a large lamb on a poster board. The children can be given markers to take turns writing just ONE word from our Bible memory verse for today. Tell children to line up and QUICKLY write their word in the correct order all around the lamb, but always next to the last word that was written. As children write the next word, they will say JUST the words that have been written before their word and then write their word and let the next child come to the lamb poster board to add the next word. The teacher could have each child write 2 or 3 words, if desired - depending on time and the size of the class.


Give each child a copy of the poem in today's lesson about Mary had a little lamb. After gluing their poem to a piece of paper, encourage children to decorate the edge of their poster with a border. If a little straw or hay is available, children can glue some of that to the edges for the border. Each child can be given a small wad of cotton to glue to the side or bottom of this poem and then add legs and a tail to represent a lamb.


Give each child a lamb picture cut-out to glue onto some straw that has been glued on their sheet of paper. Write: MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB WHO WAS THE LAMB OF GOD. Add some cotton to the lambs for special effect.


Let children choose a card that is folded in half. Give children a stamp pad and let them use their thumbprints as the body of some lambs for their picture. Draw on the legs and tail and ears with black markers and write parts of our lesson today around the picture in different colors. (Ideas to write: Mary had a little lamb who was the LAMB OF GOD, or Mary had a little Lamb, He was born on Christmas day, or give children a copy of one of the paragraphs of the poem today. Glue that poem to this picture for children to take home and stand on the kitchen table, etc.


Give each child a section of our lesson's poem today and to hold up a card with a Lamb, or the words joy or peace, etc. At the end of their mini Christmas PLAY, have all the children read the prayer at the end of today's lesson – "Dear Lord, thank you for sending your precious Lamb to take away our sin. Help us to remember as we celebrate His birthday, that HE was the greatest gift of all."


As children say the Bible verse today, give them a candy cane to enjoy during class time or after.


Have children sing AWAY IN A MANGER together and take turns reading part of a verse!


– Make cupcakes for each child and have them frosted with JESUS written on the top, or even a J for Jesus.

Song: "Away in a Manger"

Words and Music (pdf)

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This song is in the public domain and may be copied and reproduced for ministry purposes.