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God is using Sermons4Kids to reach children around the world.  We are
thrilled to be able to share photos of some of these children with you!
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Nakuru, Kenya

Marilyn Chambers sent this picture taken while she was on a mission trip to Nakuru, Kenya.  The childeren were eager to learn about Jesus and his love for them.
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Western Australia

Libby Stickland presents the children's sermon
to a group of children at St. Peter's Anglican Church in Wongan Hills, Western Australia.
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Maceió, Alagoas

Children learn about Jesus at the Awana club in Marceió, Alagoas on the NE coast of Brazil.

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Desert Mountain Bible Fellowship

A group of children from Desert Mountain Bible Fellowship in Queen Creek, Arizona during VBS.
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"Get On Board"

A group of children from the New  Beginnings Church of God in Decatur, IL relax after a recent taping session of "Get On Board."

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White Eagle Christian Academy

The children of White Eagle Christian Academy on the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota.
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"Fishers for Kids"

Robin Essex and his wife Rana, head up a ministry in Kosova in the second city called Prizren. 

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Chikwawa, Malawi

A group of Sunday School children in Chickwawa, Malawe listening to a children's sermon by Vicki Simoneaux.

Puerto Rico

A group of children with Hilda Osorio and Mei Lani in their Sunday School class in Puerto Rico.

Mexicali, Mexico

A group of children from Iglesia de Dios meet for
breakfast and Bible study each Saturday morning.

Muyexe, South Africa
Two seventeen-year-olds teach the younger
children about God's love for them.

El Seybo, Dominican Republic
A group of children attended Bible school.
Five children were saved.

Nakawa Kampala Uganda
Pastor Micros Wambuzi and faimily.

Nakawa Kampala Uganda
A group of children from the church where
Pastor Wambuzi is pastor in Uganda .

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
These children are from a Korean language
church in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Iglesia Cristiana Siloe
A group of children at Iglesia Cristiana Siloe in
Lima Perú.  Click here for another photo.

Rev. Paul Sohm, Korea
Rev. Paul Sohm with a group from his church
in Korea.  Click here for a larger photo.

Rev. Gielie and Kotie Joubert
Rev. Gielie Joubert with his wife Kotie at Houtkruis
Community Church, Faunapark South Africa. 

Newton Park Methodist Church
A Children's Church group in Port Elizabeth,
South Africa.  Click here for a larger photo.
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we will put it in our photo gallery.
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