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God is using Sermons4Kids to reach children around the world.  We are
thrilled to be able to share photos of some of these children with you!
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Durban, South Africa
The picture of the "Sonshine Kids" was taken on Mother's Day. The girls enjoyed playing "dress up" to look like their moms.

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Jawa Barat, Indonesia
This photo was sent by Fransisca Ariesanty Djajadi. She tells us that "Every week there are 25 children ranging in age from 3 to 12 years old."
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San Luis Potosi, Mexico
These children are from a ministry called
"La hora de los niños."
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Jonesboro, Louisiana
The youth of the Ebenezer Baptist Church joined the children to surprise Laura Spangler on her birthday.

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Halle - Lu
Halle-Lou (aka Barbara Eschmann) uses stories
from Sermons4Kids on a Skyangel TV program called "Get On Board."

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"Klub Malych Betezdziakow"
The Saturday Bible Club of Bethezda mission in
the city of Bydgoszcz in the middle of Poland.
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Torun, Poland
These young people are from the Free Evan Church
in Torun, Poland. Jacek Szurpit is their leader.
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Torun, Poland
A group of boys and girls participate in a
Bible Study class in Torun, Poland.
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"La Casa del Alfarero"
A group of children from The Potter's House,
a church located in Lodi, New Jersey.
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"La Casa del Alfarero "
The children's group at La Casa del Alfarero is
called "Abejitas de Cristo." It is growing strong!
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Epworth, Zimbabwe
This picture was taken during ground breaking
services for a new church and Sunday School.
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Sunday School Class in Panama
This picture was sent to us by Pastor
Jorge Luis Villamil.
Send us a photo of your group, and
we will put it in our photo gallery.
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