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June 15-17, 2007 we had the privilege of going to San Juan, Puerto Rico to meet our Spanish translator, Zulma Gavaldá, and her wonderful family.  While there, we held a children's ministry workshop at Iglesia Presbiteriana en Caparra Terrace where Zulma's husband. Salvador, was the pastor.
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The Gavaldá Family
Salvador and Zulma with their two sons,
Salvador David and Juan Carlos.

Zulma and Charles
Sermons4Kids founder, Charles Kirkpatrick with
our Spanish translator, Zulma Gavaldá.

Salvador Gavaldá
Salvador is pastor of Iglesia Presbiteriana
en Caparra Terrace, Puerto Rico.

Salvador David Gavaldá
Salvador David played the guitar and lead us
in praise and worship during the workshop .

Juan Carlos Gavaldá
Juan Carlos ran the sound system during
the workshop .

Iglesia Presbiteriana
This is the church building where we held the
children's ministry workshop.

David Galán and María M. Cruz
David and María, also known as Galidiny and
Princesita Mary, have a clowning ministry.

Charles with David and María
Charles enjoys "clowning around" with
Princesita Mary and Galidiny.

Voices for Praise
These young ladies led in Praise and Worship.

Workshop Participants
These are some of the workshop participants.
We had approximately 100 at the workshop.


Children's Ministry
The director of the Children's Ministry at the host church spoke to the group about their ministry.

Zulma Gavaldá
Zulma leading the congregation in singing in
the Sunday morning worship service .

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