A Bride for Isaac
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "A Bride for Isaac"

Scripture Reading: Genesis 24:1-67


Let children cover a table with sheets or blankets and have part of their class under the table in the new TENT. Talk about today's lesson and children can quote Bible verses about God's love and caring for them, or have someone come to the classroom as Rebecca or Isaac to tell the story under the TENT.


Divide the children into teams and play a relay, as children run to a table, drink a dixie cup of juice or water and run back to the next player. Continue to play until all the children have had a chance to play.


Give children supplies to build a tent. Supplies will be craft sticks to tie together at the top in a teepee type of tent and cover with their choice of a piece of colorful cloth. Small mini twigs and be glued together and a little wadded up piece of yellow or orange tissue paper stuck in the twig pile to represent a little campfire outside their tent. Let children talk about today's story and God's provisions for us as well.


Children can have a Bible Sword drill, using verses that will encourage children to know that GOD cares for them and watches over everything they do. Children will hold their Bibles up when saying "Swords Up".. give the scripture for the children too look and children will repeat the scripture and then say, CHARGE and children will look up scripture and then stand to read the verse. If children are little, they can find a word around the room that the teacher tells them to look for, that will have something to say about GOD's love for us always.


Provide children with long strip of colorful paper, to write GOD PROVIDES, or GOD LOVES ME, or other words from today's Bible lesson and decorate with glitter or stickers, and then children can wrap the strip of paper around their forehead and tape the ends together.


Children can be given shorter strips of paper to write GOD HELPS US... adding stickers and then tape around the wrist. If children would like to draw eyes or add craft moving eyes to their wrist bands, they could then write GOD WATCHES OUT FOR ME!


Let children blow bubbles outside and pop all the bubbles they can reach. Every time they pop a bubble, they can shout out ideas of how GOD shows His love for them and provides all that they need.


Children can take turns face painting a happy face or a heart or a cross on each other's face cheeks or the back of their hands and talk about GOD's Love for us. If weather is warm and children would like to take off their shoes outside, the children could paint a symbol on each other's feet if desired. Rocks could also be painted.


Give children many different cut out shapes of various colors of construction paper. Each child can receive a piece of construction paper to use the shapes in forming a man and woman, Isaac and Rebecca, from our story. Have some lace material for children to use on Rebecca as the bride. Children can write words from today's Bible verse or our lesson today, to remember how GOD provided. Felt material, craft eyes, etc can be given to children as they do their Isaac and Rebecca SHAPE BUILDING.




Share a snack with the children that they can eat under their table TENT that was used during the lesson! Small boxes of M&M's or Raisinettes or cookies or trail mix would be a fun snack IN their tent! If a microwave is available to melt a marshmallow, then children could put a warmed marshmallow, piece of chocolate bar in between 2 graham crackers and have a tent s'more!

Song: "God Answers Prayer" by Ken Bible

Words and music (pdf)

MP3 Piano Accompaniment

Song: "God Is So Good" - Traditional

Words and music (pdf)

MP3 Piano Accompaniment

These songs are in the public domain and can be downloaded and reproduced for ministry purposes.