Baby Moses by the River
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "A Baby By the River"

Scripture Reading: Exodus 1:8-2:10


In all of the games today that use dolls, make sure to call the dolls, "MOSES."


Divide children into teams and run relays to a small tub of water with a small baby doll in it. Each team player will take the baby out of the water, dry off with a little washcloth or small towel, wrap baby in a blanket and place doll baby back in the water for the next player and run back to the team to tap the next classmate to run the same relay.


The children will divide into teams and run a relay to put the doll's pajamas on the baby as quickly as possible, run the baby doll back to the next team member, who will run to the table and take the pajamas OFF the doll and lay the doll and pj's back on the table and run back to the next player who will run to the table and quickly put the pj's back ON the doll baby. Continue until all the children have had either put the pj's ON or OFF the doll baby.


The children can sit in a circle with one blindfolded child in the middle, or a teacher or leader blindfolded in the middle of the circle. Then the children will take turns "crying like a baby" for the blindfolded person to guess WHO IS CRYING. Let all children get a chance to CRY for a blindfolded person. If the blindfolded person guesses who was crying, then they will change places and continue to play as time allows.


Children will take turns as teams to find the hidden baby dolls and RUN as quickly as possible to the hidden baskets, wrap the doll baby and place in the basket and back to the teacher as fast as they can with the basket and the baby doll.


Place as many baby items on a tray as desired, such as a pacifier, bottle, baby food jar, spoon, blanket, clothing, etc. Cover the tray until all the children are sitting in a circle or around a classroom table with paper and colors or pencils. Then show the tray of items to the children for a few minutes and tell them to try and memorize as many of the items on the tray, and then take the tray away. The children can either write the names of the items (older children), or draw small pictures of all the items that they can remember on the tray. Then give the children a red crayon or pencil to place an X over the top of all the ones that they see on the tray as the teacher shows them the tray again! See who remembered the most items. All the rest of the players will make a BABY CRY sound as the game is over!


Give children modeling clay or play dough to form a basket and a baby to put inside the basket. If the baskets are big enough, give children a toothpick to write MOSES on the clay baskets!


Give children thin strips of colored construction paper and let them weave the strips of paper over and under the other strips of paper to form a woven mat. Tape the edges to keep the strips in place and then curve the outside of the woven basket and tape or staple a small handle to the sides to keep the form of a basket. Children can cut out a round circle to be a baby's head, and tape a small piece of material to the bottom of the circle as a blanket to be placed in their woven basket, to represent Moses.


Children can be given a piece of paper and markers with M-O-S-E-S written down the left side of their paper. Use a different colored crayon or marker for each letter, and thinking of words that would talk about God's LOVE and PROTECTION for Moses or for us today.


Let children cry like a baby after telling today's story or during the story part. Make sure to have this taped for children to listen to later!!


Children will each have a large piece of paper, or a poster board if the class works on this together. The teacher or a child will write in very large and bright letters -- GOD'S LOVE AND PROTECTION in the middle of a circle on the paper. Then children will draw or write words about God's love and protection for us or for Moses -- words that they will think about to describe or show God's love and protection for us.


Each child can be given a cupcake/muffin paper/tin and children can draw a very small picture of a baby (Moses) and color with markers and then tape or glue the picture onto the bottom of the muffin paper, as Moses in the basket. This can be glued to a blue colored recipe card and taken home to remember today's story of God's LOVE and PROTECTION.


Children can each color a picture of Moses in the river inside a basket. Then children can trace and cut out their hands out of brown or green construction paper. Place the cut out hands over the picture of baby Moses and tape or glue the bottom part of the hands to form the bulrushes in the river.




Each child can be given a teddy graham cracker and a piece of fruit loop to wrap around as a blanket. The cracker could represent Moses and the flat piece of fruit loop can be the blanket around baby Moses.


Wrap each child's snack or treat in a little piece of felt or cloth pieces, to represent a baby blanket from today's story of Moses. Put a strip of baby inside the blanket and treat with today's Bible verse on it for the children to remember today's lesson.

Song: "My God Is So Great" - Traditional

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