Dinner on the Ground
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Dinner on the Ground"

Scripture Reading: Exodus 16:2-15


Each child can be given an envelope in the shape of a loaf of bread (made out of construction paper). Inside that bread envelope, will be 4 - 8 pieces of a bread shaped puzzle for children to put back together. Each puzzle piece can have a word or phrase from today's lesson, (ex daily needs, Israelites, Moses, God, obey, daily bread, etc). This will lead into a discussion about today's lesson and our prayer of thanks!


The teacher can have pictures of hidden breads around the designated area, that will have portions of the Bible verse on them. Encourage children to place the parts of the verse in order and also to try to put the parts in the shape of a loaf of bread. OR the teacher can have a very large outline of a loaf of bread for the children to put their pictures into.


Each child can be given a bread-shaped-puzzle to put together at their seats. The bread-shaped puzzle pieces will have words from today's lesson and then the children can discuss the Bible story and how God provides for ALL that we need.


If the weather permits, take the children on a JOURNEY WALK that goes up and down and over and under obstacles along the way. Tell children to grumble and complain and then at the end of the JOURNEY, let children talk about the hard walk and what the Israelites went through with very little to eat and drink. Give children a SNACK at the end of the WALK --- mini loaves of bread or muffins could be served, or MONKEY BREAD!!!!!


Give children various colors of chalk and let them take turns at the chalk board to DRAW pictures of things they are thankful for! They'll enjoy each other's "artwork" as well as remember things that others are thankful for, as well!


Provide a large poster board for children to glue magazine pictures of "things we are thankful for". Some children may enjoy using markers and writing ideas or a title, as well. (Magazine pics can be already cut out and spread out on the table for children to choose from... such as various foods, cars, houses, pets, friends, medicine, outdoor pictures such as flowers, trees, etc).


As children line up and are ready to leave the classroom, the teacher could have a MINI loaf of bread (tins can be purchased at any retail or $ store and using a partial loaf of frozen bread for each tin, from the grocery store makes this treat very simple), for each child who could answer a question or recite the Bible verse, etc.


Divide children into teams and let them see which team can find all the "manna" pasta that has been spread all over the floor and get the most manna in their team bowls in the alloted time that the teacher gives them.


Since the word manna means, "What is it", the teacher can show items to the children to see if they know what the item is used for. The teacher or children will say, WHAT IS IT? If children are in teams -- let the children take turns for each item to see if they can decide what it is called or used for.


Children can sit in a circle before story time and one child will whisper a MURMUR into the next child's ear. Each child will try to relay what they heard and go around the circle to continue to the child that sent the "murmur" and see if the murmur was relayed as it began. Give more children a chance to "murmur" in the circle and then tell today's story.


Give children supplies to draw a circle on construction paper and cut out. Draw a line to divide the circle in half. Use finger print ink pictures of ppl on each side. One side the child/stick person/fingerprint person will be bending over and picking up manna that children draw. The other side can be a child reaching up and glue or tape strips of paper with words from the LORD to us and place in a design at the top of the circle as beams from the sun. Hang the manna circles around the classroom if desired.


Each child can be given white play dough to make many small pieces of round "manna" and stick on brown construction paper and allow each child to tell today's story while spreading the manna on the paper.


To make a snack like manna, children can be given a flour tortilla shell and can spread butter or honey on the tortilla shell. Then each child can sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on the shell and ENJOY their own Manna.

Song: "Brethren We Have Met to Worship"

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Song: "God Is So Good "

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