Does Jesus Care Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "Does Jesus Care?"

Scripture Reading: Luke 7 :11-17

SANDWICH SIGN: Have the children or teacher cut a sheet of poster board in half (or in quarters for small children). Tie strings to both halves to hang over the shoulders to form a SANDWICH SIGN that children will write the message JESUS CARES - I KNOW HE CARES FOR ME!

DEAD MAN SKIT: After the Bible lesson today, have the children act out the skit as the teacher tells the story once again. At the end of the story, have all the children say TOGETHER.... "Does Jesus Care? - Oh yes! He cares!" This could also be a mini skit for the morning church service - children LOVE to serve Jesus in this way!

BOOKMARK: Have a bookmark and a ribbon available for child to put together. Have the child write the following words on the bookmark, "HE WHO BELIEVES IN JESUS WILL LIVE FOREVER"! (The teacher may prefer to have this typed out for each child to glue onto the bookmark and then decorate the bookmark with stickers.)

HE CARES FOR ME MIRROR: If possible, the teacher can have a small mirror for each child. The teacher will ask the children to LOOK INTO THIS MIRROR TO SEE WHO JESUS CARES FOR. On the back side of the mirror, have the children glue a slip of paper on which the teacher has typed, "JESUS CARES FOR ME!"

BIBLE VERSE FIND: "Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you." (1 Peter 5:7) Have the children take turns finding a Bible verse written on a slip of paper that is taped around the room and bring it back to the table to tape onto a poster board that is labeled DOES JESUS CARE? (Other suggested Bible verses: Ps. 121:3; Ps. 8:4; Lk 12:30; Mt. 10:30-31; Ps. 55:22; Mt. 11:28; Is. 41:10; Phil. 4:6-7; Jn. 15:27; Ps. 62:8)

HE CARES CIRCLE CHAT: Have the children sit in a circle and play the game "Does Jesus Care?" Select a child to begin the game who will tap the child to his right and ask, "Does Jesus Care for you?" The child who is tapped will give an answer of how he/she knows that Jesus cares for them. After the child has answered, he/she will tap the next child and ask the question. Continue around the circle until each child has had a chance to answer.

MIRACLE CHALK ART: Give each child a piece of light colored construction paper, a sponge paint brush, and some buttermilk to spread on the entire sheet of paper. Then the children can use colored CHALK to draw a picture of today's Bible lesson and let the art work dry! The buttermilk will keep the chalk from smearing or smudging!

MIRACLE PANTOMIME: Divide the children into teams and pick a miracle from the Bible to "pantomime" to the other teams and when someone guesses what the story is - all the children will shout -- ITS A MIRACLE! (Examples: heal the blind, heal the deaf, raise the dead, etc.)


SHARE A SNACK: The BIBLE tells us about many miracles that Jesus did. Let the children take two graham crackers and place a little white frosting between them to form a "Bible". Use frosting gel to draw a picture of a cross on the front of their snack. If desired, the children can place a piece of red fruit ribbon to come out of their Bible snack as a red ribbon book marker!

Song: "Does Jesus Care?"

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Song: "Jesus Loves Me"

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