Give Me An "F"
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Give Me An 'F'"

Scripture Reading: Luke 11:13


Let children cut out a large tie-shape card on construction paper. Decorate and write FATHER acrostic from today's lesson or other words that the child may want to write on their tie. The TIE can be the actual size of a tie and could also have holes punched and a string or yarn for child to place tie ON THEIR dad after S.S.


Let children decorate a large cookie for their father. Have frosting available as well as $ store plastic sunglasses to place on the cookie and some thin red licorice strings for a SMILE!! Child can place the cookie on a paper plate that has been colored around the edges and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY on the side of the plate, to give to dad.


Let children decorate and put today's FATHER acrostic on a long rectangle card or two tie-shape pieces of paper to staple together. Child could add a picture of themselves and other special words that they'd like to share with dad. Let child have glitter, markers and stickers to decorate their card.


Give each child a water bottle and a piece of colorful paper for child to decorate and write FATHER acrostic or other words on the paper and tape to the water bottle for dad.


Make construction paper ties and put one letter of each F-A-T-H-E-R acrostic on each of the 6 ties and HIDE around a designated area. Hiding it OUTSIDE, weather permitting, will be fun for the kids. Let each child find only ONE letter and bring it back to put on the bulletin board to tape together! Each tie can be a different color and the bulletin board will look colorful for the kids to enjoy!


Let children blow up several balloons and tie together to give to their dads to CELEBRATE their fathers. Tie a small TOOL and a Father's day note card to the bottom of the balloon "bouquet"! Play a quick game of "balloon popping" when the balloon bouquets are completed. Each child can say THANK YOU GOD FOR MY FATHER, or I CELEBRATE MY FATHER and then JUMP on the balloon to POP it!! (Make sure the other classrooms know that you will be popping balloons!! One time I had a balloon popping game in my S.S. classroom and other classes came running - thinking that guns were going off!! :-)