Golden Calf Group Activities
Group Activities

Everyone Games:

In this game, every person in the group plays as one character in the story. On “Go!”, each person has to act out the way the character would have behaved when faced with the decision the character is given. For example, someone playing Moses would act out Moses' response to the Israelites worshipping the golden calf.

Golden Calf Craft:

The group can make their own golden calf as a reminder of the story. To make the craft, the group will need gold cardboard paper, glue, felt pen, craft materials, and scissors. Start by tracing the outline of a calf's head onto the paper using the felt pen and then cut the outline. Glue a craft material horn on to the calf's head to make it more realistic. The craft is now ready for the group to decorate with other craft materials.

No More Idols Art Project

The group can make a mural using different media to portray the story of the golden calf and how we should worship God alone. Start by dividing the mural into 3 sections. The first section draws the background of Mt. Sinai, the second section shows the people making the golden calf, and the third section shows Moses destroying the golden calf. Snack: Calf Cupcakes - To make a calf cupcake, the group will need frozen cupcakes, icing, and food coloring. Place the cupcakes on a baking tray and then ice them. Use food coloring to make the eyes and ears of the calf. Finally, decorate the cupcakes with craft items to make each cupcake an individual calf.

Worship Only God Memory Game

Give each child a pile of cards (one pile per group). Each of them will have cards with different images related to the story of the Golden Calf and a few cards with a generic symbol that makes the reference to God alone. The children should try to remember the cards to make pairs. The first one with the most pairs wins the game.

Find the Golden Calf

The group is split into two teams and must each find the golden calf made out of play dough by searching through a box of items. The team that finds it first is the winner!

“No False Idols” Banner

The group is provided with fabric, paint, glitter, and other materials to create a banner with a message saying “No False Idols” written on it. This is a great way to reinforce the lesson from the Bible story.