Harvest Time
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Harvest Time"

Scripture Reading: Luke 10:1-11


(Small non candy items if preferred.) Give the children a small paper bag and write their names and LUKE 10:2 on the bag. Each child will take a turn coming to a BIG bowl of candy (or small non-candy items) and take ONE and go back to their seat to put it in the bag. Then each child will come up to the big bowl and get TWO and take them back to their seat to put them in the bag. Children can continue to come up and get DOUBLE the amount they got the last time and see how quickly that little bag fills up. Discuss how sending out workers to bring people into the kingdom of God, two by two and how quickly the souls would be "harvested". Explain to the children that one person doesn't do it all - each one brings one or two and then THOSE new people will bring one or two and it quickly adds up. We ALL have to work together to bring in the harvest!


Create the acrostic on the chalkboard or a poster help explain working for the Kingdom: (Here is an example but there are many more words which could be used.)

H - Hearing A - All R - Repentance V - Visiting E - Everyone S - Sharing T - Telling


Have the children think of a friend, family member, or neighbor that they would like to tell about Jesus. Then, let them draw a picture of or write down a Bible story to share with this person. Explain to them, that by doing this, they are sharing the good news of God to others!


If the church is willing to let the children do a little HARVEST skit, the children could each go to someone in the audience and bring them back up to the front. Then they'll whisper to the new ones to go with them and then they'll EACH go to the audience and get ONE MORE person. Then all of those people will go back to the audience and get one more (now the numbers are DOUBLING each time) and they'll see how quickly and how much easier it is if EVERYONE is working for the KINGDOM and bringing people to the Lord. One of the children can then read Luke 10:2 and then ALL or PART of this Bible lesson to sum up the lesson to be learned!


Give each child a piece of construction paper (4 X 8") and a rainbow colored ink pad. Tell the children to make as many finger prints on their paper as they can in one minute. After the time is up, have the children use ink pens or markers to add arms and legs to their finger prints to represent people who need to hear about Jesus!


Write across the top of a poster JESUS CALLS US TO BRING IN THE HARVEST — Luke 10:2. Have small round sticker dots for children to place on the poster as they take turns - first the child puts ONE sticker dot on the poster and then comes back and gets TWO more stickers to add. The teacher will stress how exciting it is to watch the poster fill up with dots just as it is exciting to see the kingdom grow as we tell others about Jesus.


Fruit salad, fruit slices and/or energy bars would be a good snack for this lesson.

Song: "I Love to Tell the Story"

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