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Interactive Group Activities

by Carol Williams

Sermon Title: "The Lilies of the Field"

Scripture Reading:  Matthew 6:24-34

BUBBLES: Allow children to go outside and blow big and little bubbles and have a fun discussion about the bubbles representing all the 'worries" of our lives but "see how they pop and disappear"??!! Let children blow more bubbles and see how long each bubble can last! Teacher can explain to children that our "worries/bubbles" disappear when we live by FAITH in GOD providing ALL that we need!

BIRD ART: Make a bird with supplies provided, after discussion about the birds in the air not ever worrying about where their next meal is coming from or where to stay. Children can be given a small and a larger circle, to glue on to a piece of construction paper to form a bird. A little cons. paper triangle could be the beak of this little bird. Children can trace their own hands and cut out and glue onto the sides of the bird to look like wings. Mini wads of tissue paper could be glued on to the bird as well, or just color the bird with crayons or markers. Write Matthew 6:25a on the bottom of the bird.

CHILD FLOWER CRAFT: Give children a paper plate to cut out the middle round-section of the plate - decorate the edges to look like a pretty flower and then let child put this flower/plate up to his/her face like a mask and discussion will follow about the lesson today. If time allows, children could be given construction paper "petals" to glue around the edges of their flowered-frame.

FLOWER GARDEN: Let each child make a couple tissue flowers and use green chenille wire for the stems. Tissue flowers can be made by taking one tissue and making accordian-folds back and forth and tie with thin wire or yarn in the middle and then begin to carefully and slowly pull the pieces of tissue apart until it looks like a flower. Glue a small piece of paper to the stem of this "flower arrangement" that will have today's Bible verse written on it.

WORRY STONE: Let each child pick a smooth stone. Each one will choose a marker and write on the stone....DO NOT WORRY, Matthew 6;25.

FLOWER STICKS: Let each child cut out a flower from a magazine (or teacher can have flowers already cut out from magazine before class. Then glue that flower picture onto a piece of construction paper, the size of the flower and glue this flower to the top of a craft stick (the cons. paper on the back of the flower will keep it from being flimsy). Craft stick can be colored green by the child and write our Bible verse on the stick, or write DO NOT WORRY, Matt. 6:25, etc.

"DO NOT WORRY" POSTER: Let children work together as a class to cut out and glue magazine pictures to a large poster with the TITLE...DO NOT WORRY, or write out our Bible Verse today as the TITLE. Pictures will be from our lesson today, of food, drink, birds, flowers, clothes, etc.

WORRY RELAY: Each team will have a WORRY BAG of items to take out of the bag and put on or carry back to their team. The next member will have to put on the items or carry the food/drink, etc and continue until everyone has had an opportunity to play the WORRY RELAY game. Discussion about all the things that we worry about but how GOD takes care of us, Matt. 6;25a. When the game is over, let each child pick out a drink and some crackers to enjoy!

FINGERPRINT FLOWERS: Let each child make some finger prints from an ink pad of various colors, to be the inside of each flower. Children can draw the flower petals around the fingerprint and then add the stem and write a TITLE to their drawings about today's lesson.

TIC/TAC/TOE FLOWERS: Teams of two children each can play tic tac toe, but instead of X and O's, each child can choose a flower or bird as his X or O, to play the game. Each time they draw their flower or bird, they must say something that a child may worry about. When someone wins or if there is a tie, then the children will say the BIBLE VERSE of today, to show them NOT to WORRY!

STICKER NOTEBOOK: Each child can be given supplies to make a mini notebook from construction paper. The TITLE of their mini book will be today's Bible verse. Inside the notebook, children can write DO NOT WORRY, LOOK AT THE BIRDS OF THE AIR, GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU, PUT YOUR TRUST IN GOD, HAVE FAITH, etc, and put stickers of birds and flowers and decorate the book as they choose to, in order to remember today's lesson.

SING A SONG: Let children divide into groups or individuals and sing a tune to today's Bible verse. It can be a tune of their own or a tune that is well known but singing today's Bible verse words to the other teams.

SHARE A SNACK: Each child can be given a small tube of frosting to write or draw flowers on a cupcake or a frosted cookie and then ENJOY.

DON'T WORRY SNACK: Place a variety of snacks on the middle of the table -- from a very little candy such as an M&M to a very LARGE candy bar, etc. Talk to children about questions to their Bible lesson and repeating the Bible verse and tell children that they all will be given a snack from the table today before they leave. Children may find themselves WORRYING about ONLY getting the very smallest snack... but at the end of class, tell children NOT TO WORRY -- they will all get the snack of their choice! :-)

Song:  "He Cares for You and Me" by Mary Rice Hopkins (used by permission)

This song is provided through the courtesy of Mary Rice Hopkins. To listen to more great children's music by Mary Rice Hopkins, click here.

About Carol Williams
Carol and her husband have been in the ministry for many years.  They have served churches in Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi, Michigan, and Indiana.  Carol loves to work with children so you will find her teaching in Junior Church and children's Sunday School.  She also has clowning ministry in which she is known as Bubbles tc (the clown).
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