Moses and the Burning Bush
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Moses and the Burning Bush"

Scripture Reading: Exodus 3:1-15


Children will scatter around a designated area. One child will be IT and the children will hide and then make a "cry" sound now and then to give clues to the child of where they might be hiding with their sounds. When found, that child will join in trying to find the "crying" sounds until everybody has been found! Encourage children to listen to our story today and to see who was crying in the Bible Lesson.


Divide the children into two teams. All children will take off their shoes/sandals and put in a big pile at the end of the room. All children will run to the pile and grab their OWN shoes and put them on and run back to their team lines. See which team can find and put on their own shoes in the quickest time.


Children can form 2 or more lines (depending on the size of the class). Hold on to each other's waists and follow the "sheep leader" wherever he/she goes. When the whistle blows, the first sheep leader will run to the back of the line and take hold of the waist of the child in front of him/her and then continue to have the front sheep/leader lead his sheep around the area until the whistle blows again. Continue to play as long as time allows or as long as each child has had a chance to play the "sheep leader".


Let each child trace their own shoe and cut out of construction paper. Write today's Bible verse on the shoe and add laces and decoration to the shoe. Stick a magnet to the back of the shoe to be place on a refrigerator.


Children can work together as a class or in groups to make a banner to hang over the classroom door. A large poster board with holes punched in the top for one side and one group to work on and another large poster board with holes punched in the top for the other group to work on. Each group will decorate their side of the banner with I AM WHO I AM and other words from today's lesson. Hang the poster board by string or thin rope over the top of the classroom door.


Give children supplies to draw a burning bush and shoes off to the side. Then the class can paint the mural to hang on the door or the classroom wall. Write words from today's lesson for children to remember the Burning Bush and STANDING ON HOLY GROUND, etc.


Children can be given a large piece of paper that the teacher has drawn the burning bush outline as desired. Then the teacher can give red and yellow and orange finger paint blobs on each sheet so children can smear and finger paint the burning bush area. Children can write with fingers in the paint such words as HOLY GROUND, or I AM, etc.


The teacher can have many cut outs of shoes around the room. Each shoe will have a word from today's Bible verse. The children will find the shoes and place in order of the Bible verse words under a drawn burning bush on a large poster board on the classroom wall. Use tape on the back of the shoes to stick to the burning bush poster board. Then the teacher can have the class turn around or close their eyes while the teacher shifts the shoes and the children will then shift the shoes so that the Bible verse is in order once again. Continue to shift shoes as time allows.



SHARE A SNACK: Chocolate cupcakes or cookies with red and orange frosting or orange/yellow Jello cubes on a brown napkin or plate.

Song: "Moses and the Burning Bush"

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