Never Give Up Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "Never Give Up"

Scripture Reading: Matthew 15:21-28

BROWN BAG IT: Prepare a large brown paper bag with many smaller items in the bag. The children will be blind folded and then take turns in reaching into the bag and selecting one item, telling the class what they have FAITH that the item they chose is! This can lead into today's Bible story.

KITE FLYING: Let the children put some kites together to fly on a nearby open area if possible. The wind that is invisible holding up a kite that is visible will help teach children that even though our faith is invisible, the RESULTS are visible. If you can't take the children outside, they can make a paper kite and pretend to fly around the room and talk about not seeing the wind but only the results of the wind. If children make a paper kite, the word FAITH can be drawn on the kite in large letters.

CIRCLE TRUST: Blindfold each child and form a circle. The children will pass a large ball to the next person that they have FAITH is next to them and continue to play before the story time, as time allows.

FAITH LETTERS HUNT: The teacher will have to have letters for each child to make a FAITH bracelet. Beads are available from a craft store. The children will put the letters to to spell the word FAITH on a string and fill out each side of the word with various colored beads and tie the string to complete the bracelet.

BLOCK FAITH: If the teacher has some plastic building blocks that hook together, the children can be given blocks and can make small pieces of paper with one letter each for FAITH, and then tape each letter to a block. The children can then hook their blocks together.

MASKING TAPE FAITH: Provide each child with a piece of construction paper and use masking tape to make the letters for the word FAITH. If children are younger, let them place the masking tape over the lines that the teacher has drawn for them before class in order to form the word FAITH. The children can then use finger paints and paint all over the paper. Let these papers dry and then remove the masking tape to see the word FAITH in their painting. (Be sure the masking tape is a type that can be easily removed without tearing the paper.)

FAITH SKETCHING: The children will each color a piece of paper with crayons using many colors over the top of each other with the final top color will be black. Children can then use a toothpick, spoon, or a craft stick to trace FAITH onto the paper through all those colors.

BUBBLE LETTER FAITH: The children can use a pencil to write the word FAITH in large "bubble letters" (rounded outline letters). Use markers and stickers to decorate the inside of each letter and hang the sheet saround the classroom!

SING A SONG: NEVER GIVE UP; TRUST AND OBEY; or divide the children into small groups to make up their own short song about FAITH and TRUST, to sing to the other groups. They could make up new words to a tune they already know using words about how to have faith in times of trouble.

BROWN BAG FAITH SNACK: Place a variety of snack items into a brown bag and let the children reach into the bag without looking to choose their snack for today.


Song:  "Never Give Up"  by Cindy Jordan

Words and Music (pdf)

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Song: "Trust and Obey"

Words and Music (pdf)

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