Not Me, Lord Group Activities
Group Activities

Not Me, Lord Not Today Game: 

Have kids form a circle, and start by naming someone and then saying ‘Not me, Lord. Not today' in a strong, confident voice. Kids take turns adding a name and then saying “Not me, Lord, Not today” until everyone has gone.


Show Us How to Have Strength Craft: 

Provide kids with craft supplies like paper, pencils, markers and brushes and have them make a scene from the story of Betrayal. Have them create a scene depicting Jesus’ strength so we can remember to be strong with God.


Betrayal Art Project: 

Give each child a plain white poster cardboard and have them draw or paint a picture to represent the betrayal that happened to Jesus. They can then use these as discussion starters for a follow-up Bible study.


Show God’s Strength Snack: 

This could be a fun snack to eat while discussing the importance of being strong in God. Provide a large bowl filled with cut up apples, oranges, and grapes to make a fruit bowl. Place a sign beside the snack that has a bible verse from Matthew 26.


Game: Jesus: Will You Betray Me?

Instructions: Split the group into two teams. Each team is given a set of dice and a game board with a space for each team to build a wall. The goal of the game is to be the first team to build a wall around their space. The catch? Every time a team rolls the dice to build a wall, they must answer a question about how Jesus was betrayed. If they answer the question correctly, they may build a wall; otherwise, they must skip their turn as agreed upon at the beginning of the game. The winner is the team who builds a complete wall around their space first.


Craft: Faithful Friends Necklace

Instructions: Give each child in the group two pieces of cardstock; one blue and one pink. On the blue cardstock, draw a crucifix with Jesus hanging on the cross. On the pink cardstock, draw a heart with the words “Not Me, Lord. Not Today” written inside. Cut out the shapes and poke a small hole at the top. Thread a thin ribbon or leather cord through the holes and tie it around the neck for a unique necklace. The necklace serves as a reminder to stay faithful and loyal to Jesus.


Art Project: Betrayal Family Tree

Instructions: Give each child a large piece of construction paper and have them draw a tree on it. Once the tree is complete, have them make four dolls. Two of the dolls represent the two followers of Jesus who betrayed him. The other two dolls represent those who stayed faithful to him. Place the dolls around the tree and have the children use craft supplies to make branches and leaves to depict Jesus’ family tree.


Snack: Bible Character Snack Mix

Instructions: Make a big bowl of snack mix, with a variety of cereal, dried fruit, and nuts. Put different colored Post-It notes on the bowl, each with the name of a Bible character (e.g. Judas, Peter, etc.). As each person reaches into the bowl to get a snack, they have to name the character on the post-it note and make a statement about how Jesus was betrayed by them.