Ready For The Christ Of Christmas Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "Ready for the Christ of Christmas"

Scripture Reading: Matthew 3:1-12

READY, SET, GO: The children will run relay races together from one side of an open designated area to the other side. One time can be hopping, one time can be skipping, one time can be running, one time can be walking backward, etc. Tell children to be READY to listen to what command they'll be doing when the teacher says READY SET GO!

BE READY MUSICAL VARIETY: Have the children form two teams. Team one will stand in a circle facing in. The other team will form a circle facing out. When the teacher begins to play some upbeat Christmas music, the inner circle will walk clockwise and the outer circle of children will walk counter clockwise. When the music stops, the children will stop and face a partner and do as the teacher tells them to do, such as shake hands, say their names to each other, clap hands, or other ideas. Toward the end of the musical game, tell children that when the music stops, they will face a partner and remind their partner to BE READY and the outer circle will do whatever the inner circle partner does. Continue to play as time allows

BIBLE VERSE BELL or STAR: Have the children cut out a Christmas bell or a star and write words from today's Bible verse on it. Tape or glue the bell or star to a piece of construction paper and fold the bottom of the paper to form a card stand and stand the bells and stars around the bottom of the classroom Christmas tree.

CHRISTMAS HUNT: Before class time, the teacher will out pictures that depict the Christmas story such as a manger, angels, stars, wise men, shepherds, nativity, a Bible, praying hands, or a church. HIDE the pictures around a designated area and tell the children to run and find ONE picture and RUN back to the Christmas poster board and tape that picture on the board; then run and get another picture, with each child running back and forth at the same time to find pictures and taping them on the PREPARE FOR CHRISTMAS poster board that the teacher has taped to the wall. Tell children that these are all ways to be PREPARED for Christmas.

BE READY TUG OF WAR: Divide the children into two teams and each team can place themselves on either side of the large rope. Tell children to BE READY so when the teacher says .. PULL.. each team member will be READY by standing with legs apart and firm on the floor and hands in position to PULL!

PICK AND DRAW: Place strips of paper in a basket after writing words depicting the Christmas Story such as manger, angels, stars, shepherds, wise men, Mary, and Joseph. The children will then take turns drawing the word on the slip of paper that they chose. Provide children with construction paper and markers, glitter, and glue. Children will tape their picture on a long wall paper runner that is taped to the wall. Encourage the children to tape their picture in the proper spot so the picture will tell the story of keeping CHRIST in Christmas.

HEART ORNAMENTS: Give the children supplies to cut out red paper hearts and hang them on the classroom Christmas tree with red ribbon. Each heart should have words from today's lesson on it such as PREPARE, REPENT, BE READY, KING OF HEAVEN IS NEAR, or KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS. If there is no Christmas tree in the classroom, the teacher can cut out a large green poster board triangle and place on the wall for the children to hang their heart ornaments.

BE READY CHRISTMAS CARDS: Have the children cut out old Christmas cards and make a card of their own on folded construction paper, with words from today's lesson to BE READY FOR THE CHRIST of Christmas, or other ideas from the children. Have Christmas stickers available, as well as markers and glitter glue for decoration.

CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS BELLS: Give the children a bell that has been traced and cut out. Trim the bell with ribbon or yarn or Christmas string. Write words from today's Bible lesson to KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS. Hang the bells from the wall or the ceiling in the classroom.


SHARE A SNACK: Children can either be given a Christmas sugar cookie and some frosting to be placed on the cookie to decorate, OR each child can be given a red and white candy cane, to share the Christmas story of the shepherd's staff or as a "J" for Jesus.

Song:  "Cleanse Me" Maori folk melody/Lyrics by J. Edwin Orr

Lead Sheet (PDF) - Verse Only

Piano Accompaniment (MP3) Right click and save to your computer.

Song:  "Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus " - Charles Wesley/Roland H. Prichard

Lead Sheet (PDF) - 1st Verse Only

Piano Accompaniment (MP3) Right click and save to your computer. (1X with 4 measure introduction.)

About Carol Williams
Carol and her husband have served churches in Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi, Michigan, and Indiana.  Carol loves to work with children so you will find her teaching in Junior Church and children's Sunday School.  She also has clowning ministry in which she is known as Bubbles tc (the clown).
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