The Lord Appears to Elijah
Group Activities

1. Whispers Game

Divide the group into two teams. Give each team 5 small stones. On 'go', each team must move the stones in relay while keeping them quiet. The winner is the team that moves their stones to a finish line without making a sound. Explain to the kids that this game is a reminder of how God often speaks to us in a gentle and quiet whisper.

2. Find God's Whisper

This is an indoor game that can be played with 4 or more children. Each player is given a card with a Bible verse written on it. Each player then must search the room for a whispered clue to the verse on the card. The game ends when all players have found their clues.

3. Art Project:

Ask the kids to recreate the story of Elijah with artwork. Provide paper, paints, and crayons. The goal is for them to use these materials to express the encounter between God and Elijah. Ask them to include symbols to help tell the story.

4. Whisper Pillow Craft

This craft project helps children learn about how God speaks to us. Each child will need a pillow, felt, fabric paints, and fabric glue. The children will first need to design a pillow with felt or fabric paint to represent Elijah hearing the whisper from God in 1 Kings 19:12. They will then write the Bible verse 1 Kings 19:12 on the pillow and set it aside to dry. Once the pillow is dry, the children can display it at home as a reminder to listen for God's whispers.

5. Whispers Snack:

Create a "whispers" snack by providing the kids with small snacks such as Rice Krispie Treats, Oreos, or mini muffins. Have the kids whisper to each other as they enjoy the snack as a reminder of God's subtle and gentle communication.

6. Whisper Snacks (option 2):

Provide the kids with snacks to take home as a reminder of the lesson! For example, they could have cupcakes with white frosting to symbolize God's whisper and colorful sprinkles to represent His vibrant presence. The kids can also make a craft to put the cupcakes in, like a pouch with God's verse written on it, as a reminder to seek God's whispers daily.