What's In A Name?
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "What's In A Name?"

Scripture Reading: Matthew 1:18-25


Blindfold one child and have children move around the room. When teacher says to FREEZE, children will stop and let the blindfolded child touch one of the children and ask them to say SALVATION IN JESUS. The child will try to change his/her voice and say that phrase and see if the blindfolded child can guess the NAME of that child who said SALVATION IN JESUS. After the child guesses, he/she takes off the blindfold to see if he/she was correct. Whether right or wrong, the other child puts on the blindfold and the game continues.

"WHO AM I" Game:

Children can make the sound of an animal that may have been around Jesus in the stable and have the teacher or another "IT" guess what the animal NAME is. Discussion about our lesson today and "What's in a Name"!


The teacher can give each child a large cut out green triangle or another idea for a Christmas tree. Children will draw a very large cross on the tree (use bright neon color for the cross) and write JESUS on the trunk. Discussion about the NAME of JESUS.


Make a nativity stable outline with craft sticks and glue some pieces of straw in the stable. Have children write JESUS IS SALVATION on the "roof" craft sticks of the stable.


Have children draw or trace 3 trees on a poster board. Under each tree, children can draw 1) boat; 2) manger; 3) cross. The 3 trees wanted to do something special for God and each one was used in a wonderful way. Have children write JESUS IS SALVATION under the cross picture and decorate their poster!


Teacher can give each child a recipe card. Glue toothpicks in the shape of a stable and roof over the stable (big enough to cover half the card). Glue lima beans upright (vertical) for Mary and Joseph. Glue a little black eyed pea at the top of each lima bean for the heads and one with the little dark spot on top on the ground between Mary and Joseph and it will look like a little manger with baby Jesus in it. Children can write JESUS IS HIS NAME... or JESUS IS SALVATION, over the top of the toothpick stable.


Children can be given a cookie to decorate and draw a stable on the frosting with a toothpick. Other candy ideas can be used to make the cookie look like a manger or stable, such as colored sugar or string licorice or red hots, etc)

Song: "What You Gonna Call Your Pretty Little Baby?" - Black Spiritual

Lead Sheet (PDF)

Demo (MP3)

Piano Accompaniment (MP3)