Breakfast on the Beach


Following Jesus brings great rewards.


Toy fishing nets - 1 per child; Plastic eggs - at least 1 per child; Stickers - 1 per plastic egg; Permanent marker; Assorted printed images; Paper Pencil


John 21:1-19

Get Ready: Either draw or find and print each of the following images on a small piece of paper: (1) a group of male friends, (2) a boat, (3) a pile of fish, (4) a splash in a body of water, and (5) a campfire. Place each image inside a separate egg. Use the permanent marker to write numbers on the eggs with images in them, following the number scheme above. Then put a sticker inside each egg, except for the numbered eggs. Hold onto the extra stickers.

Do This: (Have kids sit in a circle.) Let’s see what we can catch today. (Have kids use their nets to try to scoop up “fish” from the center of the empty circle.) Of course we didn’t catch anything because there was nothing there to catch.

That reminds me about what we are learning from the Bible today. Jesus had died and come back to life on Easter. Later, Jesus’ friends were out fishing, trying to make a living.

Jesus’ friends fished all night and caught nothing. Then, they saw a man, not knowing it was Jesus, on the shore. Jesus yelled to them, asking, “Have you caught anything?” They didn’t know the man was Jesus, but they still listened when He told them to cast their fishing nets on the right side of the boat.

(Spread out the eggs around the room, and tell kids to “catch the fish.” Make sure everyone catches at least one. Tell kids not to open the eggs.)

You caught something! That’s like what happened to Jesus’ friends. Jesus' friends caught 153 fish! (Point out that there are numbers on some of the fish. Have kids come forward with the fish with a “1” on it. Explain that image symbolizes that Jesus’ friends were together. Repeat with eggs two and three, inviting kids to tell what they think the image symbolizes from what you’ve covered in the Bible passage so far.)

There were so many fish that the friends couldn’t pull in the fishing net. That’s when Peter realized Jesus was the man yelling to them from the shore. (Have the child with the egg labeled four show the image in the fish and tell what he or she thinks it symbolizes.)

Peter was so excited when He realized Jesus had appeared again to them that He jumped into the water and swam to the shore where Jesus was!

The rest of the friends brought the boat to shore. (Have the child with the egg labeled five present the image in the fish and tell what he or she thinks it symbolizes.)

Jesus cooked breakfast over a campfire. Jesus’ friends were reminded that day that following Jesus brings great rewards.

I think if you open up your “fish,” you’ll find a reward, too! (Allow time, and give a sticker to the kids who had the numbered fish.)

The disciples got to see Jesus and spend time with Him, and they ate the delicious breakfast He made for them and even had leftover fish to take home. Jesus loves being friends with you, too, and when we follow Him, He takes care of us and blesses us in amazing ways!

PRAY: Dear Father, we know that you have wonderful blessings in store for us when we follow Jesus. Our prayer is that we will always follow you. In Jesus’ name, amen.