God Loves Me!


God’s love is unconditional, and His forgiveness is unending.


Lost-and-found box; several lost items (a single shoe, sunglasses, a toothbrush, a Bible, a necklace, etc.)


Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32

Have you ever lost something that was very precious to you? I have a lost and found box full of things people have lost. Let’s have a look. (Go through the items in the box and talk briefly about what each item might mean to the person who lost it). 

Have you ever found something you lost? If so, how did you feel when you found it? (Allow kids to share). 

In our Bible lesson today, Jesus told a story about a man who lost something that was very precious to him. 

Jesus told the story of a man who had two sons. The younger son asked his father to give him his share of the money that would be his when his father died. The father gave it to him, and the boy left home to go out and see the world and do whatever he wanted. The father was broken-hearted. He had lost one of his sons.

It wasn't long before the boy wasted all his money on wild living. He had no money to buy anything to eat, so he got a job feeding pigs. It was a very smelly, gross job.  But the boy was so hungry that even the rotten food he fed the pigs looked good to him.

The boy looked around at the mess he’d gotten into and said to himself, "My father's servants live better than this! I will return home and beg for the forgiveness of my father and ask him to take me back as a hired servant." As the boy approached his father's house, his loving father, who had been watching and hoping for his son's return, saw him coming and ran to meet him. He threw his arms around the boy and hugged him and kissed him.

The father was so happy his son had returned, that he gave him a robe and placed a ring on his finger. He ordered his servants to prepare a feast. "My son was dead and now he is alive. He was lost, but now he is found," he said.

Jesus told this story to show the kind of love God has for His children. When one of God's children strays away, He always welcomes him with open arms when he returns home. Aren't you glad that you have a Heavenly Father who loves you, even when you may not deserve it? I am!

Dear Father, we thank You for Your unconditional love and unending forgiveness. We are thankful that even when we stray away, You welcome us home with open arms. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.