Holding On to Jesus


To find your way in life, hold on to Jesus.


3 blindfolds; 1 short piece of rope


Luke 9:51-62

I need four volunteers to help show what we’ll be learning about Jesus today.  (Choose four kids, and have them join you in front of the others.) 

Wow! You all are brave to say you’ll help even though you don’t know what I’ll be asking you to do. What if it were really difficult, like helping me carry a couch? (Pause.) Or what if it were scary, like walking a tight rope 20 feet high? (Pause.) Don’t worry! It’s not scary, and you’re not going to be carrying a couch. You’ll just be playing a game of Follow the Leader. Ready? (Pause for the four volunteers to agree, and then choose one child to be the leader. Have the other three get in a line behind the leader.)

Now we’re ready…but wait. The followers need to be wearing blindfolds. (Place the blindfolds on the other three.)  

  • Explain who you think has the most difficult job, the leader or the followers.

  • What are some difficult parts about following a leader?

We wouldn’t want our followers to bump into anything or get hurt. Thankfully, I have a rope here to help them. The leader will guide the followers by gently pulling them behind [him or her]. (Place one end of the rope in the hand of the leader, and then feed it to the three others with blindfolds on.)

As long as they keep holding on to the rope, they will be able to follow the leader. (Invite the follower to lead the other three around the room. Encourage the spectators to cheer on the volunteers. After a few minutes. Take off the blindfolds and have the volunteers join the rest of the children sitting.)

This reminds me of Jesus and His followers. In the Bible it tells about a time Jesus was walking along the road with some of His disciples when someone said to Him, "I will follow You wherever You go." How many of you have said that to Jesus or would like to? (Pause for responses.)

When Jesus’ friends told Him they’d follow Him wherever He went, He said something strange to them. He said, "Foxes have holes to live in, and birds have nests, but the Son of Man doesn't even have a place to lay His head." What do you think that means? (Pause.) 

Jesus meant that even though following Him is the best thing we can ever do, that doesn’t mean it will always be easy. Like our volunteers, we don’t know all He’ll ask us. But if we hold His hand, we can trust He’ll guide us through anything difficult we face. 

There’s a song called, "Hold on to Jesus" by Erin O'Donnell. I’ll say each line, and you’ll repeat it after me.

I wish I could protect you (Kids repeat.)

from the worries of this life. (Kids repeat.)

but if there's one thing I could tell you (Kids repeat.)

it's no matter what you do (Kids repeat.)

hold to Jesus, He's holding onto you. (Kids repeat.)

God, we thank You for sending Your Son to save us and to be our guide through life. We are holding on to Jesus. In Jesus’ name, amen.