Jesus Is Coming Again


We look forward to Jesus' return.


Christmas decorations


Luke 21:25-36

Christmas is coming soon. It’s easy to tell. We see the signs all around us. (Point to Christmas decorations.) What signs have you seen? (Allow kids to answer.) We see Christmas decorations on houses; we hear Christmas songs on the radio; we see commercials on TV, and more. If we didn't have all of these things to remind us, how could we tell that Christmas is coming? (Pause for responses.) 

Two thousand years ago, there was no TV or radio announcing that a child would be born and that He would be the Savior of the world. When Jesus was born, very few people even knew about it. But it was an event that God had promised, and it was foretold by prophets many years before. Many people had been looking forward to the coming of the Savior, but they didn't know exactly when He was coming.

We’re entering the season of Advent. Advent means "the coming of something very important.” It is a period of time when we look forward to the celebration of Jesus’ birth at Christmas--and we also look forward to Jesus’ return.

Jesus promised to come again, and we look forward to it, just as people 2,000 years ago looked forward to the Savior being born. No one knows exactly when Jesus will come back. It isn't marked on the calendar, but we’re watching and waiting, expectantly.

As we prepare to celebrate the birthday of our Savior, let's also be sure we prepare for His exciting return. 

Dear God, we thank You for this special time of year and its important meaning to us. We praise You for keeping your promise to send a Savior who will come back again. In Jesus’ name, amen.