Promises Fulfilled Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "God's Promises Fulfilled"

Scripture Reading: Luke 4:14-21

WEDDING RING RELAY: Divide the children into two teams. Place two rings in cups on a table at the front of the room. Run a relay with the team members running to the table and put on a ring and run back to their team and the next player will put the ring on and take it back to the ring cup, take it off and put it back in the ring cup. He/she will then run back to the team and tag the next player who will run to the ring cup and put the ring on and run back to their teammates and continue the game until all have had the ring on. (After the ring relay, let children sit in a circle and use the rings as objects to begin today's lesson).

PROMISE BALL: Have children form a very large circle and children will begin rolling a big ball to another team player. When the child who has caught the rolling ball touches the ball, he will stop and quickly and loudly shout out a PROMISE to GOD and then roll the ball into the circle again. When teacher wants to change the idea of the game a little bit, then have the children play the game with shouting out a PROMISE from God to us, etc.

PROMISE BOOKLETS: Give all the children several pieces of construction paper in various sizes and shapes and colors. Children will write a promise they would like to make to GOD, on each piece of paper and then make a classroom PROMISE BOARD on the wall with taping their shapes of paper with promises written on them. As the class meets in coming weeks, encourage children to put their initials on a promise that they have fulfilled.

PROMISE BOARD: Divide children into teams and have each team run a relay to the PROMISE BOARD -- write down just ONE promise and run back to their teammates and continue to play until everyone has written one promise on the board. The second part of the game is for each team player to take a turn to RUN to the Promise Board and cross off a promise and shout out that promise and then run back to their team, to continue to play until all the promises are crossed off.

GOD'S PROMISES BIBLE: Provide children with supplies to make a Bible shaped paper and cut out and glue onto a piece of construction paper. Write as many of God's promises as the children can think of together as a class and with the teacher's help. Fold the "Bible" in half and take home to encourage children through the week! When the "Bibles" are folded, children can write GOD'S PROMISES BIBLE, etc on the front cover.

GOD'S PROMISES NECKLACE: Give children small pieces of various colored paper to write one of God's promises on each paper and fold at the top where there are no words. After 10 (or desired amount) promises have been written on the papers, give children a long piece of ribbon or yarn that will tie around their neck and hang down to display the promises. Children can fold the paper over the yarn or ribbon and tape each paper and then hang their Promises Necklace around their neck.

TOILET PAPER ROLL PROMISES: Give each child a paper roll and cover with construction paper and decorate with stars and other stickers, as well as writing GOD'S PROMISES on the roll. Cover the bottom of the paper roll and tape securely. Let children write out God's promises to us on small pieces of paper or cut out promises that the teacher has written out before class time for children to cut and then place INSIDE the paper roll to take home. Encourage children to take one promise out of the paper roll each day to encourage them to know God's promises and to KEEP their promises to God as well.

FELT PROMISES: Let the class write God's promises to us and our promises to God, on construction paper and cut out around the promises. Glue small pieces of felt to the back of the PROMISES and let children take turns sticking the promises to a poster board covered with flannel, or to an already made flannel board. As children place a PROMISE on the flannel graph board, let the children talk about the promise and what it means to them. Write II Cor. 1:20 on a long piece of paper and glue felt on the back and place across the flannel board, as well. Let the children read the Bible verse together several times during the sharing time.

PROMISE SNACKS: Before class time, the teacher can wrap tootsie rolls (or other little candies) in a little piece of paper that has a PROMISE from the teacher written on the candy, such as I PROMISE TO PRAY FOR YOU, I PROMISE TO LOVE YOU, I PROMISE TO READ THE BIBLE TO YOU, etc.

SING A SONG: STANDING ON THE PROMISES; or let children sit in a circle and sing ONE phrase in their own tune as a promise to God and continue around the circle. Tell children to keep the song moving and not stop so it will be their very own PROMISE SONG!

Song:  "Standing on the Promises"

Words and Music (pdf)

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Song:  "God Is So Good" Traditional

Words and Music (pdf)

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Carol and her husband have served churches in Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi, Michigan, and Indiana.  Carol loves to work with children so you will find her teaching in Junior Church and children's Sunday School.  She also has clowning ministry in which she is known as Bubbles tc (the clown).
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