An Earth Day Sermon


Earth Day


A globe or a flower could be used as a prop


The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. Genesis 2:15

Good morning! Happy Earth Day! And thanks be to God for this opportunity to praise God for the goodness of the creation.

What should we be thankful for? For so many things, it is hard to focus on just a few. For the forests the clear water that flows from the mountains, the bald eagles and killer whales, the flowering shrubs that give beauty our neighborhoods with flashes of pink and yellow, the variety of human life, and yes, even the rain this morning. For all that we have, and all that we are, we owe thanks to God.

¬God created heaven and earth and said it was good. And, although we believe man is special in God's world, we are merely a part of the Creation -- placed here by God.

Creation belongs to God - the land, the water, the animals, the air -- all are God's. Have you seen the rainbows during the past few weeks? They truly have been marvelous. No one who has seen them can possibly doubt God's love for us.

How are we supposed to take care of the Earth? That’s a good question. Fortunately the bible provides help. In Genesis, when God placed the man in the garden and states "till it and keep it." This means we have the right to till the Earth in order to make it fruitful. But does this mean we are to till all of it? No, we also have the duty to "keep it" which means to protect it -- to "keep" the Earth by conserving it. "Till it" yes, but know when to stop.

God speaks to me through the mountains -- always has. Perhaps for you, you feel closest to God at the beach or the lake. For me, and perhaps for you, nature is the most real sign of God’s presence. Our spiritual journey is still more mystery to me than understanding. But day by day, one step at a time, with God's help, the understanding grows, if we will take the time to listen for his guidance and read his holy word.

Let us pray.

Lord, we thank you for this occasion to think about your creation and our duty to be good stewards of these gifts. Help us to know that each of us has a key job in caring for the earth, by the choices we make and by the actions we take. Give us good judgment to choose thoughtfully, and to act with care, to show our love for you, and your love of this good Earth, our home. Have a happy Earth Day. Amen.