Riding a Bike


Faithfulness, grace and forgiveness.


A bicycle


For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23

I brought my bicycle this morning. How many of you boys and girls like to ride a bicycle? Can all of you ride a bike? I just love to ride my bike. The trail out at Veterans Lake is a great place to ride.There are lots to look at, and fresh air to breathe. Riding a bike is a lot of fun. One thing I have found out though is that if I quit peddling, I will come to a stop and fall off. Now, that is the way with life. We can go to church each Sunday. And then Summer comes. We say, "This Sunday I'll just go to the lake." Very soon we forget about God. We get into the habit of not going to church. We don't read our bible. We just fall off. The bible in Romans 3:23 says that we have all sinned and have fallen short of God. That means we all stop peddling and fall off a one time or another. What do we have to do? Get up. Start peddling again. Get with it. Yes, we need to tell God we're sorry and ask him to help us. God is always ready to give us another chance and help us go again. I thank God that He is just that way! Prayer: Dear God, along the way, I just quit peddling. Help me to get up and get started again. Thank you, Lord God. Amen.