a runner’s baton (or white tube of any type) with a paper rolled up inside that says “He is Risen”


Matthew 28:3-8 – theme verse 8 “So they left the tomb quickly with fear and great joy, and RAN to tell his disciples.”

Have you ever run in a relay race? You have probably seen races, maybe in the Olympics where runners pass the baton from one runner to the next. People have been running in relays for a very long time.

Imagine a time before cell phones, facebook or telephones. People would convey important messages in a runner’s baton. That way messages could be carried across great distances and over time to people in different places.

God uses runners, just everyday people like you and me to carry his important message.

What is the message of Easter? (take scroll out of baton and read aloud “Jesus is Risen”)

The gospels have different accounts of what happened on the first Easter morning.

This morning we are reading from Matthew 28:3-8

As I read, see if you can answer these two questions:

- Who were the first two runners?

- What was the message they were to convey?

(Read the passage)

Who were they? Mary & Mary Magdalene

The message? Jesus is risen

Now I have another question. What if they hadn’t run? What if they hadn’t told?

What if people over the centuries since then hadn’t told?

What if my mom hadn’t told me?

What if I had dropped the baton?

How many people would not have heard about Jesus if I hadn’t been a runner?

God calls believers: women, men, girls and boys to carry the message. Each one of you know the message!

Don’t drop the baton. It’s important that you spread the word:

- Jesus is risen

- He is who he said he was – God’s son, and his words are true

Pray with me.

Jesus, today we celebrate your resurrection from the dead that proves that your words are true. Thank you for those who carried your message to us. Bless these children. May they be faithful to carry your message over time and to distant places so that the world may hear about you.Runners

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