Toothbrush vs. Sugar


God is our toothbrush and cleans us where as Satan (the devil) is the teeth eating sugar that causes us to bad things


candy (sugar) toothbrush and toothpaste


Psalms 51:10 - Create in me a clean heart o God and put a new and right spirit in me.

Hello kids! If you brush your teeth, please stand up. Great! However, I bet lots of you kids also like eating candy and other foods that might have sugar in them. If that’s you, please sit down. That's interesting! Now every kid likes sugar and is tempted to eat it, that’s why we brush our teeth.

Now, I have a person in mind who acts like a toothbrush! Can any of you kids guess who that might be? It’s God! Now it might surprise you that I say that God is like a toothbrush, so let’s think, how he might be like one.

I think I have an idea! You see, God is like our toothbrush and the sin is like sugar! You see, we are all sometimes tempted to eat candy and other sweets. But that’s where God our toothbrush comes in! You see when we do something we shouldn’t be doing, God comes in and cleans us up! Just like when we eat sugar and the toothbrush cleans our teeth, When we sin, God forgives our sins and gives us a clean heart. Yeah god!!! Next time you do something you shouldn’t do think twice about it!!!

(End in prayer) Thanks kids!

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