All Day Preaching Dinner On The Grounds Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "All Day Preaching and Dinner on the Grounds"

Scripture Reading:  John 6:1-15

BASKET RELAY: Divide the children into two teams and give each team a basket. Each team member will take a turn running to the FOOD line and grabbing ONE item and running back to their team for the next team member to run to the FOOD line. The game will continue until all the items have been collected.

FOOD IN THE BASKET RELAY: Divide the children into 2 groups. When the teacher says "GO/EAT", the children will run to their team basket and take out a fruit snack or a bag of fish crackers and will see who can FINISH their "food" the quickest! Provide a drink of water or juice after the relay is completed! This relay could be done all at the same or with one from each team competing against each other - whichever the teacher desires or as time allows.

BUILD A BASKET: Give the children strips of construction paper that they can weave together to form a little basket, or a piece of construction paper which can be folded to form a basket. (Use a square piece of paper and cut a slit 2 inches in at an angle from each corner and fold and tape to form a basket.) Add a handle made out of a long thin piece of paper to be taped to the basket. Give children a few small treats (such as a little bag of M&M's, hard candy, bag of fish crackers, etc), to place in their basket!

FABULOUS FISH: Let the children draw or trace a fish outline on a piece of paper. Give them some yarn to glue around the edge of the fish and some sequins to glue to the fish as decoration. Write today's Bible verse or the prayer from today's lesson on the fish. Hang by a ribbon or add a magnet to attach fish to the refrigerator at home.

BREAD BASKET: The teacher will provide small loaves of bread which have been made before class time. The teacher could also slice some loaves of frozen bread from the grocery store. Place the bread in a small bread basket that the children could make out of a piece of construction paper and fold and tape with a handle. Write on the "basket" our prayer or parts of our lesson today that the children learned, just thanking the Lord for HIS blessings!

FOOD SCAVENGER HUNT: Hide some real and artificial foods/fruits/veggies hidden in a designated area. Also hide some letters or words for the children to find and put in their baskets when they return to the classroom. Divide the children into groups and give each team a small basket in which to place the items they find. Make sure to have a list of all the items that were hidden so they can be checked off when the teams return to the room. If there are items that have NOT been found, send the teams back to HUNT for them! Ask the children questions about today's lesson and have the children try to put the FOUND LETTERS/WORDS in the correct order to place on a poster board form today's Bible verse or today's prayer, or a phrase such as GOD'S BLESSINGS.)

PREACHING AND DINNER ON THE GROUNDS: Bring blankets for a picnic on the grounds! Let each child take a turn sharing a Bible verse and then go to a basket and get a TREAT out of the basket. Make sure all the children get a chance to say some Bible verse that they know. If a child can't think of a Bible verse, let them choose a slip of paper from a basket with a verse that they can read. Make sure that all children get a treat to sit on the picnic blanket and have their very own "dinner on the grounds". The teacher will provide muffins, fish crackers, carrot sticks, for the children to choose from).


Song:  "Loaves and Fishes" by Cindy Jordan - Used by permission

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This song is copyright Cindy Jordan and is used by permission.  You may download and reproduce the song for religious or educational use. 

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