Puzzles and Worksheets

1 John 5 9 13 Word Search
A Baby by the River Word Search
A Bride for Isaac Crossword
A Bride for Isaac Group Activities
A Bride for Isaac Word Search
A Call To Discipleship Multiple Choice
A Debt We Can Never Repay Group Activities
A Family Reunion Group Activities
A Fresh Start Group Activities
A Heart Check Group Activities
A Joyful Celebration Group Activities
A Lesson in Humility Word Search
A Lesson in Humility Fill in the Blank
A Lesson in Humility Word Search
A Miraculous Turn Around Group Activities
A Most Precious Gift Word Search
A Most Precious Gift Group Group Activities
A Neighbor's a Neighbor! Group Activities
A New Commandment Crossword
A New Commandment Word Search
A New Commandment Word Shape
A New Commandment Fill in the Blank
A New Commandment Group Group Activities
A New Life in Jesus Group Activities
A Pinch Of Salt Crossword
A Pinch Of Salt Decoder
A Pinch Of Salt Word Search
A Pinch Of Salt Group Group Activities
A Plan for Success Group Activities
A Promise Fulfilled Group Activities
A Promise Is a Promise Group Activities
A Rainbow of Promise Group Activities
A "Rock Concert" Group Activities
A "Rock Concert" Crossword
A "Rock Concert" Word Search
A Savior Who Weeps Group Activities
A Topsy Turvy World Group Activities
A Tree And Its Fruit Word Search
A Tree And Its Fruit Group Group Activities
Abraham is Tested Multiple Choice
Abraham is Tested Crossword
Abraham is Tested Word Search
Against Us Or For Us Group Group Activities
All Bent Out of Shape Group Activities
All Puffed Up Word Shape
All Puffed Up Group Activities
All Puffed Up Word Search
All Puffed Up Decoder
All Puffed Up Group Group Activities
All We Like Sheep Group Activities
All We Like Sheep Multiple Choice
All We Like Sheep Fill in the Blank
All the Children of the World Fill in the Blank
Amazing Faith Group Group Activities
An Angel Visits Mary Word Search
Angels Watching Over Me Multiple Choice
Angels Watching Over Me Fill in the Blank
Angels Watching Over Me Group Activities
Answering The Call Group Group Activities
Apple Maze
Apple Dot To Dot to Dot
Are You Good Enough Word Search
Are You Good Enough Fill in the Blank
Are You Good Enough Group Group Activities
Are You Ready Decoder
Are You Ready Crossword
Are You Ready Word Search
Are You Ready Word Shape
Are You Ready Group Group Activities
Are You Ready for Chrismas? Group Activities
As I Have Loved You Group Group Activities
Ascension Decoder
Ascension Maze
Ascension Word Search
At The Feet Of Jesus Word Search
At The Feet Of Jesus Group Group Activities
Authority Questioned Word Search
Baby Moses by the River Group Activities
Baptism Jesus Crossword
Baptism Jesus Dove Dot to Dot
Baptism Jesus Luke Crossword
Baptism Jesus Luke Word Search
Be Careful Whom You Follow Group Activities
Be Prepared Crossword
Be Prepared Word Search
Be Prepared Group Activities
Be Prepared Crossword
Be Prepared Group Activities
Bearing Good Fruit Group Group Activities
Beatitudes Word Search
Beatitudes Decoder
Bee Maze
"Bee Attitude" Crossword
"Bee Attitude" Decoder
"Bee Attitude" Word Search
Believe It Or Not Multiple Choice
Believe It Or Not Word Match
Believe It Or Not Crossword
Believe It Or Not Word Search
Believe It Or Not Group Group Activities
Believe It or Not! Group Activities
Best Is Yet To Come Word Search
Best Is Yet To Come Group Group Activities
Big Bad Wolf Group Group Activities
Big or Small Group Activities
Birth Of Jesus Crossword
Birth Of Jesus Decoder
Birth Of Jesus Word Search
Birthday Celebration Group Group Activities
Blind Bartimaeus Multiple Choice
Blind Bartimaeus Alphabet Soup
Blind Bartimaeus Fill in the Blank
Blind Bartimaeus Word Search
Blind Bartimaeus Crossword
Born Again Dot to Dot
Born Again Word Search
Born Again Crossword
Born Again! Group Activities
Born To Be King Decoder
Born To Be King Fill in the Blank
Born To Be King Word Search
Born To Be King Crossword
Born To Be King Group Group Activities
Branches On The Tree Word Search
Branches On The Tree Group Group Activities
Bread Of Life Word Search
Bread Of Life Word Shape
Bread Of Life Fill in the Blank
Bread Of Life Crossword
Breakfast On The Beach Group Group Activities
Bright Shining Faces Group Group Activities
Building Bridges Group Activities
Butterfly Dot to Dot
Call Of Jeremiah Word Shape
Call Of Jeremiah Alphabet Soup
Call Of Jeremiah Crossword
Call Of Jeremiah Word Search
Call Of Jeremiah Multiple Choice
Call Of Samuel Decoder
Call Of Samuel Crossword
Call Of Samuel Word Search
Call Of Samuel Multiple Choice
Can You Believe It Group Group Activities
Carrying the Message Word Search
Carrying the Message Multiple Choice
Carrying the Message Group Activities
Case Of The Empty Tomb Group Group Activities
Caution False Teachers Fill in the Blank
Caution False Teachers Group Group Activities
Checking The Roll Group Group Activities
Christ Is Coming Again Multiple Choice
Christ Is Coming Again Alphabet Soup
Christ the King Multiple Choice
Christ the King Word Shape
Christ the King Crossword
Christ the King Group Activities
Christ the King Decoder
Christ the King Word Search
Christ the King Group Activities
Christmas Lights Group Group Activities
Clean Heart Word Search
Clean Or Unclean Word Search
Clean Or Unclean Crossword
Clean Or Unclean Fill in the Blank
Clean Or Unclean Group Group Activities
Cleaning House Crossword
Cleaning House Word Search
Cleaning House Multiple Choice
Cleaning House Group Group Activities
Come To Me Group Group Activities
Come and See! Group Activities
Coming Soon Group Group Activities
Coming Soon True Or True or False
Company Is Coming Word Search
Company Is Coming Fill in the Blank
Company Is Coming Crossword
Company Is Coming Group Group Activities
Cost Of Discipleship Word Search
Cost Of Discipleship Fill in the Blank
Crown Him King Multiple Choice
Crown Him King Alphabet Soup
Crown Him King Crossword
Crown Him King Dot to Dot
Crown Him King Fill in the Blank
Crown Him King Group Activities
Crown Him King Word Search
Crumbs from the Table Word Search
Crumbs from the Table Multiple Choice
Crumbs from the Table Fill in the Blank
Crumbs from the Table Group Activities
Dark And Stormy Night Word Search
Dark And Stormy Night Group Group Activities
David & Goliath Crossword
David and Goliath Word Search
Deal Or No Deal Group Group Activities
Delivering the Invitgation Group Activities

Puzzles are created using Discovery School's Puzzlemaker and Schoolhouse Technologies' Vocabulary Worksheet Factory.