Puzzles and Worksheets

Jesus' Love Is Stronger Group Activities
John the Baptist Crossword
Jonah Runs from God Fill in the Blank
Jonah Runs from God Word Search
Joseph and His Brothers Group Activities
Joseph and His Brothers Group Activities
Joy Of Christmas Word Search
Joy Of Christmas Crossword
Joy Of Christmas Group Group Activities
Joy to the World Word Search
Joy to the World Crossword
Just Do It Group Group Activities
Just Say "No" to Temptation Group Activities
Just What the Doctor Ordered Group Activities
Keep On Forgiving Group Group Activities
Keep On Praying Word Search
Keep On Praying Decoder
Keep On Praying Crossword
Keep On Praying Multiple Choice
Keep on Forgiving Crossword
Keep on Forgiving Word Search
Keep on Forgiving Word Match
Keeping Our Promises Group Group Activities
Key To Greatness Word Search
Key To Greatness Fill in the Blank
Key To Greatness Crossword
Key To Greatness Group Group Activities
Kids Pay Taxes Too Group Activities
King Backward Word Search
King Backward Decoder
King Backward Crossword
King Is Coming Advent 2B Multiple Choice
King for a Day Group Activities
King for a Day Word Search
King for a Day Multiple Choice
King for a Day Crossword
Knock, Knock. Who's There? Group Activities
Knows You By Name Crossword
Knows You By Name Group Group Activities
Last of All, He Sent His Son Group Activities
Left Behind Fill in the Blank
Left Behind Multiple Choice
Left Behind Crossword
Left Behind Word Search
Left Behind Group Group Activities
Left Out? Crossword
Left Out? Word Search
Left Out? Decoder
Left Out? Group Activities
Lesson In Forgiveness Word Search
Lesson In Forgiveness Group Group Activities
Lesson In Humility Multiple Choice
Let The Games Begin Word Search
Let Your Light Shine Word Search
Let the Children Come Group Activities
Let the Children Come Multiple Choice
Let the Children Come Alphabet Soup
Let the Children Come Word Search
Let's Go Fishing Group Activities
Light Bulb Dot to Dot
Light Of The World Word Search
Light Of The World Multiple Choice
Light Of The World Crossword
Light Of The World Cryptogram
Light Of The World Group Group Activities
Lilies Of The Field Word Search
Lilies Of The Field Multiple Choice
Lilies Of The Field Fill in the Blank
Lilies Of The Field Group Group Activities
Living A Fruitful Life Group Group Activities
Living Bread Crossword
Living Bread Word Search
Living Bread Decoder
Living Bread Group Group Activities
Living By The Rules Group Group Activities
Living Water Group Activities
Look For The Hook Group Group Activities
Looking For A Sign Crossword
Looking For A Sign Word Search
Looking For A Sign Multiple Choice
Looking For A Sign Group Group Activities
Looking For Jesus Crossword
Looking For Jesus Word Search
Looking for Jesus Group Activities
Losing Jesus Group Activities
Lost And Found Group Group Activities
Love In Any Language Group Activities
Love One Another Cryptogram
Love One Another Word Search
Love One Another Crossword
Love One Another Word Search
Love One Another Crossword
Love One Another Group Group Activities
Love Your Enemies Crossword
Love Your Enemies Fill in the Blank
Love Your Enemies Group Group Activities
Make Us One Group Group Activities
Making Choices Group Group Activities
Making Excuses Group Activities
Making Music to the Lord Fill in the Blank
Manna from Heaven Crossword
Manna from Heaven Fill in the Blank
Manna from Heaven Word Shape
Manna from Heaven Word Search
Mary Angel Jumble
Mary Had a Little Lamb Group Activities
Mary Visits Elizabeth Fill in the Blank
Mary Visits Elizabeth Word Search
Mary Visits Elizabeth Group Group Activities
Mary and Martha Crossword
Mary and Martha Word Shape
Mary and Martha Fill in the Blank
Mary and Martha Word Search
Mary's Song Multiple Choice
Mary's Song Alphabet Soup
Mary's Song Crossword
Mary's Song Fill in the Blank
Mary's Song Word Shape
Mary's Song Word Search
Marys Song Abc ABC Order
Marys Song Group Group Activities
Measuring God's Love Group Activities
Measuring Gods Love Word Search
Measuring Gods Love Multiple Choice
Messenger Sent From God Multiple Choice
Mighty Men of God: Joshua Group Activities
Miracle Worker Fill in the Blank
Miracle Worker Word Search
Miracle Worker Crossword
Miracle Worker Decoder
Miracle Worker Group Group Activities
Montaintop Experiences Group Activities
Moses and the Burning Bush Group Activities
Moses and the Burning Bush Fill in the Blank
Mother Hen Word Search
Mother Hen Crossword
Mother Hen Maze
Mother's Day Group Activities
Mother's Day Crossword
Mother's Day Word Search
Mothers Purse Crossword
Mothers Purse Word Search
Mothers Purse Decoder
Mountain Top Decoder
Mountain Top Multiple Choice
Mountain Top Word Search
Mountain Top Crossword
Mountain Top Group Group Activities
Mustard Seed Faith Crossword
Mustard Seed Faith Multiple Choice
Mustard Seed Faith Word Search
Mustard Seed Faith Group Activities
Mustard Seed Faith Word Shape
Mustard Seeds and Yeast Group Activities
My Soul Is Troubled Word Search
"My Soul Is Troubled" Group Activities
Mystery Of The Trinity Group Group Activities
Naaman the Leper Crossword
Naaman the Leper Word Search
Namaan's Leprosy is Healed Fill in the Blank
Namaan's Leprosy is Healed Multiple Choice
Narrow Door Decoder
Narrow Door Word Search
Narrow Door Crossword
Narrow Door Group Group Activities
Never Give Up Multiple Choice
Never Give Up Crossword
Never Give Up Fill in the Blank
Never Give Up Word Search
Never Give Up Group Group Activities
New Beginnings Group Activities
New Wind Blowing Group Activities
No Place Like Home Group Group Activities
No Turning Back Crossword
No Turning Back Group Activities
No Turning Back Decoder
No Turning Back Word Search
No Turning Back Fill in the Blank
No Turning Back Word Shape
No Turning Back Word Match
Noah and the Ark Fill in the Blank
Noah and the Ark Word Search
Noah and the Ark Multiple Choice
Noah and the Ark Crossword
O Be Careful Decoder
O Be Careful Word Search
O Be Careful Crossword
O Be Careful Group Group Activities
Oil In My Lamp Group Group Activities
Olympic Games Summer Word Search
On the Road to Emmaus Group Activities
One And Only Decoder
One And Only Crossword
One And Only Fill in the Blank
One And Only Word Search
One And Only Group Group Activities
One Plus One Equals Three Group Activities
Only A Carpenters Son Word Search
Only A Carpenters Son Group Group Activities
Only Believe Group Group Activities
Open Mind Open Heart Word Search
Open Mind Open Heart Group Group Activities
Our Daily Bread Decoder
Our Daily Bread Crossword
Our Daily Bread Word Search
Our Daily Bread Group Group Activities
Our God Is Faithful 100% Group Activities

Puzzles are created using Discovery School's Puzzlemaker and Schoolhouse Technologies' Vocabulary Worksheet Factory.