He Knows My Name
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "He Knows My Name"

Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 1:4-10


Each child will pick a slip of paper from the teacher's basket that will have something for the child to 'act out' that GOD might tell them to do and the rest of the class will try to guess what the child is acting out. Ideas should be things that GOD might have a "child" do - such as read the Bible, pray, help someone who is elderly, play music; clean a part of the church, take out the SS trash, etc.


Don't be afraid - I am with you. Decorate bookmark with stickers and place in Bible. Write or glue the typed Bible verse on the back of the bookmark.


Have child color in his own name in block or bubble letters in bright colors. Under the name, have child write GOD KNOWS MY NAME!


Draw large red heart with GOD FORMED MY HEART written inside the heart; draw or trace hands and write below them: MY LIFE IS IN GOD'S HANDS: and draw a large EAR and write: HE HEARS ME WHEN I CALL. This can be a classroom banner with everyone taking part or each child can make a banner above to take home.


BIG PLANS can be written on the chalkboard and have children draw or write some big plans that GOD might have for them. Below the drawing; the teacher can write I AM ONLY A CHILD and have children take colored chalk and put lines through that phrase to remember that God said NOT to say that. Then write: I WILL DO WHAT GOD TELLS ME, etc.

Song: "I'll Be Somewhere Listening"

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Song: "He Knows My Name" by Tommy Walker

This song is under copyright restrictions, so we cannot provide the music here. It can be found in many hymnals and song books.