Isaac Is Born
Group Activities


Gather promise rings (colorful paper rings made with markers) and multiple paper plates. Draw the Abraham and Sarah’s faces on the plates and attach them around the room. Players need to take turns tossing the promise rings onto the plates for points. The player with the most points wins a prize.


Provide construction paper, yarn, and crayons for the craft. Instruct the children to create a depiction of baby Isaac, using construction paper for the body, yarn for the hair, and crayons for the details.


Provide kids with paints and a large canvas for the reenactment of Sarah's joyous painting when God promises her a son. After the kids finish completing the painting, they can talk about how they felt after hearing God's promise and share how they felt with their parents after they complete the project.


To decorate the pudding cups have the kids write God's promises and/or bible verses on them. Cut out several bible texts for the kids to choose and allow them to decorate the cups with markers or other creative elements. Serve up some delicious pudding to enjoy!


Create a chain of cutout paper circles. Have the kids decorate each circle with symbols representing promises that God has made. Make sure to provide paper circles with bible verses written that kids can use to decorate. Have each child choose one promise at a time, write it down, and add one more link to the chain as it grows. As each child adds a link to the chain, have them share why they selected that promise and what it means to them.


Have the kids draw a timeline that shows the significance in the lives of Abraham and Sarah for the promises God kept. The timeline should span from the first promise to the last. Have the kids illustrate each promise and how it progressed to the next.


Have the kids think of one promise that God has made to them and write it down. Have the kids fold the paper at the end with the promise into a circle paper. Have each child come together and place their circle paper in a bowl in the center. Get the kids to pray as they pass the bowl and share the promise God has made to others. At the end, have the kids discuss what the promises God has made means in their lives.

Song: “I Believe the Promises of God

Song: “Standing on the Promises