It All Depends on Jesus
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "It All Depends on Jesus"

Scripture Reading: Luke 10:1-11


Run a quick relay with each team running to the line to grab suitcase and run it back to next team player, who will run the suitcase back to the starting line and leave the suitcase there.... running back to next team player who will run to the line and get the suitcase and run it back to next team player, etc, until all the players have run and all the players are setting down in their line with the suitcase in the front of their line up.


Place like items in 2 suitcases (one suitcase for each team). Children can run to suitcase and open it up, put everything on that is in the suitcase, take it off quickly and run back to their team for the next player to put everything on and take it off. Continue until everyone has put on all the suitcase items and are sitting down with the suitcase at the front of their line. (Items for suitcase can be shoes, shirt, hat, watch, gloves, etc).


Divide class into 2's and call out places for the teams of 2's to WALK TO, such as to the board, the drinking fountain, a certain picture, to a wall that is designated, etc. Groups of 2's must continue to hold hands or hands on shoulders, etc but cannot disconnect.


Provide children with ink pads to place their fingers in the ink and press onto a long table length piece of narrow paper. Each finger printed ink "man" will count as one of the 72 followers of Jesus in our story. Let children add little arms and legs to the finger prints. Make a long title over the 72 followers that will say in bright letters - GO AND SHARE THE GOOD NEWS TO EVERYONE! The teacher can divide the finger prints between the number of students so everyone has a chance to add "prints". If only a few children are in the class, then all five or ten fingers of each child can be used, but if there are many children in the class - then children can just use a couple of fingers.


Give each child a paper plate to color. Then fold the plate in half and tape or staple the edges but not the top of the plate. Add a small handle and form a suitcase. Children can place paper strips inside the "plate suitcase" that will have today's Bible verse written on them, as well as other words from today's lesson, such as IT ALL DEPENDS ON JESUS, and/or TAKE NOTHING WITH YOU, etc.


Let children form motions for a lesson cheer, to say together, GO, BE WILLING, GO! GO! BE WILLING! GO, BE WILLING! GO! GO! BE WILLING!!! Form two teams and have one team say it to the other team and back and forth - to see which team can be the loudest and most WILLING :-)


Each child can be given a large piece of paper. Write DEPEND ON JESUS ONLY on the paper and children can begin to trace the letters with one paint or bright colored marker. Then trace with another paint or colored marker and continue with a different color for each time around the letters! Place thin layer of glue rubbed on by fingers, and then lightly sprinkle glitter on the words. Hang by a ribbon for all to see!!


Children can be given lettered beads and a thin plastic "string" to string the beads for the words -- DEPEND ON JESUS! Hang around their neck for a necklace!


Give children a balloon to blow up and tie -- bop the balloons back and forth to each other for time designated. Sit in a circle while holding balloons and talk about our lesson and not being PUFFED UP if people receive our message and not being discouraged when they reject the message..... after the "circle talk" - have all children POP their balloons at the same time outside, if possible! Encourage children to pick up all the pieces of the balloons and see if they can find "72" pieces of balloons to represent the 72 followers of Jesus in our lesson today! (throw the pieces of balloons away in the trash!).


As children get ready to leave class today, let them draw out a piece of paper out of a box that will have something to TELL others about JESUS written on it. Encourage children to GO AND TELL what is on their piece of paper to someone else after Sunday School or class time.


"STOP and let me tell you what the Lord has done for me; GO and tell the story of the cross of Calvary" (old CEF song).


Before classtime, the teacher can decorate an envelope for each child with stickers and markers, etc and place a candy snack inside the "suitcase" for the child to take as they leave class! Make sure to write on the "suitcase snack" - D.O.G. - DEPEND ON GOD, in bright letters!!!

Song: "I'll Be Somewhere Listening


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Song: "Stop and Let Me Tell You"

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