Knock, Knock. Who's There?
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Knock, Knock. Who's There?"

Scripture Reading: Luke 11:1-13


- Have children take turns on each side of the door, one to knock,knock... while the child on the other side of the door answers: Who's there and the one who was knocking will answer: GOD IS THERE AND HE ANSWERS PRAYER!


Cut out letters for the ASK, SEEK and KNOCK. Have children glue them on the poster. Next to the ASK - children can write "And it will be given"; next to SEEK "And you will find"; and next to KNOCK - "And it will be opened to you". Decorate the poster with ???? (question marks), "eyes" for the seeking part; and a few "doors" for the Knocking. Write the Bible verse, Luke 11:9-10 on the poster!


ASK, SEEK and KNOCK words can be on each child's 8 x 10" paper. Children can begin looking for the Ask "response" (And it will be given); the SEEK response (and you will find) and the KNOCK 'response" And it will be opened to you. Teacher will need to have several slips of paper for each response HIDDEN around the room, so that each child can find one for his own MEMORY paper. One side of the room of children can say ASK and see if the other children can have the correct response. Then the children who "answered" the ASK question can ask for the SEEK response, etc to learn the Bible verse even better.


Teacher can hide small loaves of bread, and put a couple of loaves behind the door, or can just have a some mini loaves of bread in her basket. Children can either ASK for a loaf of bread, or SEEK for a loaf of bread or can KNOCK and look behind the door for their loaf of bread! Discussion about Jesus teaching his disciples how to pray in our Bible story today!


Teacher can tell the children to find a certain item (that they just could NOT find unless they get HELP from the teacher, but give the children some time to search and when the time limit is up, they can get clues from ASKING, SEEKING AND KNOCKING from the teacher. When the teacher begins answering their questions, they'll begin to look in the right places and WILL FIND! (An example: a dollar bill could be hidden inside a Bible on a shelf, or under a desk, or inside the teacher's shoe, etc). When the children are told to HUNT for a dollar bill, they'll be excited but will have to ASK the teacher because it will be too hard to find. (All of the children will probably WANT to keep that dollar, so the teacher can let the children know that the money will be put into the offering that morning).

Song: "Whisper A Prayer " Traditional song arr. by Charles Kirkpatrick

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Song: "Seek Ye First" by Karen Lafferty

This song is under copyright, so we cannot provide a copy here, but it is available in many hymnals and song books. It is #713 in the Word/Integrity Music "Celebration Hymnal."