Last of All, He Sent His Son
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Last of All, He Sent His Son"

Scripture Reading:Matthew 21:33-45


Crush up some egg shells and put them in colored dye water and then lay out to dry on a paper towel. Use several different colors for many shells. During the SS class, let children draw the frame of a large cross on their paper and begin gluing the various colors of eggshells to their cross. Write on the cross where there are NO egg shells -- THANK YOU JESUS FOR DYING ON THE CROSS FOR MY SINS.


Let the children draw and decorate a cross and the paper around the cross. Give the children a frame to put their art in, or have the children cut around their decorated CROSS and glue onto a larger sheet of paper as a "frame". Decorate the border as desired and hang by a string or yarn at the top.


Give the children something to do that might be too difficult to achieve on the first or 2nd try, such as dropping clothespins in a bottle behind the chair, play a dart game, or balance a ball or egg on their head. Tell the children that they may have 3 chances, instead of just one. Allow all of the children to have a chance, or have all the children trying to do something at the same time, whichever the teacher would like to do for that class.


Give each child a Styrofoam cup. Give them a wide strip of colored paper to decorate with today's lesson ideas (Thank you God for sending your Son, or Thank you Jesus for forgiving me, Thank you Jesus for eternal life) and a cross and heart and the child's name. Let them tape the "cover" around the glass and take it home with a few treats inside to munch on, as desired.


Pop some popcorn and give children a small popcorn bag to place their popcorn in! As they begin to take ONE popped corn at a time, tell them that GOD forgives us over and over again! Each kernel can remind them of a time that GOD FORGIVES!


This could be a class project together as they write in very LARGE letters FORGIVENESS and write their own names in a decorative way and each of them writing a THANK YOU note to Jesus for eternal life and for FORGIVING them.


Give each child a FOAM door hanger and foam decorations and letters if available to make a door hanger. Write FORGIVENESS, or THANK YOU JESUS FOR FORGIVING ME, etc. Children may enjoy hanging these on other S.S. classroom doors or might want to take them home.


Begin this activity with the lights off. The teacher will begin by asking a child a question about today's lesson. If the child knows the answer to the question, they will jump up and run to the light switch and flip it on, and answer the question. After they answer the question, they will turn the classroom light back off and return to their seat. The teacher will ask another questions so that all children have a turn. When the activity is finished, the children will draw a GIANT LIGHT BULB and write THOMAS EDISON FORGAVE THE YOUNG BOY AND JESUS FORGIVES EVEN MORE.


Thank you, Lord for saving my soul, or Jesus loves me. Have children hold hands in a circle, or KNEEL down by their chairs as they sing the songs.

Song: "Stop and Let Me Tell You"

Words and Music (pdf)

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