Living Bread Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "The Living Bread"

Scripture Reading:  John 6:51

BREAD NECKLACES: Children will draw, color and cut out a picture of a small loaf of bread. String elongated plastic beads onto a plastic string and add the bread picture and more beads to make a necklace, to remind them of today’s lesson.

PUZZLED BREAD: The teacher can have the Bible verse for today, printed on a large loaf of bread. Cut the bread into SLICES and have children try to put the puzzled bread back together and recite the verse. Move the puzzle back to many bread slices and see if the boys or the girls can put the bread back together again, and which team is quickest.

LIVING BREAD NECK BANNER: Let children make a banner with long strings so it can be worn around their neck for a BREAD PARADE after the Sunday School class. The children can draw a large piece or loaf of bread on the neck banner and sprinkle toast crumbs onto some glue on the picture. Write I AM THE LIVING BREAD THAT CAME DOWN FROM HEAVEN. In smaller letters and in a different marker color, write “If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever.” John 6:51

BREAD STICKS SNACK: Children can be given bread sticks to enjoy eating with honey dip or cheese sauce. Tell children then to DRAW some bread sticks and write JESUS IS THE BREAD OF LIFE on top of their picture of a bread basket with the bread sticks in the basket. This can be hung by yarn on the child’s kitchen wall.

BREAD BOX: Give children a small box such as a box from a Meal helper, or a cereal box, etc, to decorate and cover with construction paper to make a BREAD BOX! Write the Bible verse, or other words from today’s Bible lesson. Children can print words from today’s lesson, such as BREAD OF LIFE, LIVING BREAD, LIVE FOREVER, etc and place the recipe cards into the bread box, to bring home!

BREAD ENVELOPE: Let children decorate an envelope to put their printed Bible verse into. Draw small pictures of today’s lesson about the Israelites and the crowd of 5000, etc to add to their envelope. Write THANK YOU JESUS and address their bread envelope to Jesus to thank Him for being the LIVING Bread! The teacher can collect the envelopes and share them with the children after a few weeks, as a reminder of today’s lesson!

SHARING THE BREAD: Divide the children into teams. Give each ‘team” a tray with breads, muffins, etc and have them go to other classrooms or the Pastor, or the nursery, etc and SHARE the bread. Each team will say as they enter the room, “JESUS IS THE BREAD OF LIFE”. We’d like to share some bread with YOU!

LIVING BREAD ACROSTIC: Class can work on a LIVING BREAD acrostic together with words that will describe Jesus as the Living Bread and other words from our Bible story today. Draw the acrostic on a very LARGE picture of a slice of bread, or other ideas with bread around the border, etc.

BREAD TASTING CONTEST: Have many types of breads and let children do a taste test, being blind folded and see how many breads they can identify! Let children know that today’s lesson will let them know that there is only ONE “BREAD OF LIFE!”

HOPSCOTCH BREAD: Play the original game of HOPSCOTCH, but use a roll or small pieces of bread instead of a rock/stone. Have words from today's lesson written in chalk on each square that children will shout out before "hopping" on that square (such as LIVING BREAD, BREAD OF LIFE, JESUS, LIVE FOREVER, etc.

Divide the children into two teams that will stand in lines, facing each other, each child across from another child. Start the bread tossing from the first child across to the other child, then that child will throw it to the 2nd child on the other team, and continue back and forth. If the teacher, desires, the game can be more competitive and if a child drops the load of bread or the hard roll, then that child would leave the game and continue to play the game. The teacher can have the game sped up for more challenge if desired!

SHARE A SNACK: Provide children with rolls, butter, jelly, peanut butter, ham and cheese, etc to make their own BREAD snack and let children share what they know about the bread of LIFE!

Song:  "Bread of Life"

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