Our God Is Faithful 100%
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Our God Is Faithful, 100%"

Scripture Reading:Luke 2:22-40


Give each child a piece of construction paper and tell them to fold the card in half to make a Christmas card. Provide each child with a sheet of paper that has our Bible verse (Luke 2:25-26) typed on it to glue on the front of the card. (Another option could be to have most of the verse typed out leaving a few blanks for them to fill in.) Let the children decorate their card with glitter or stars around the borders of the card and draw or cut out a picture of baby Jesus.

100% POSTER:

Give the children a BELL-SHAPED cut out and have them write GOD IS FAITHFUL, 100% with red and green markers. Hang the bells around the room to remind the class of God's faithfulness.


As the story of Mary and Joseph taking baby Jesus to the Temple is read or told by the teacher, the children can act out the parts of Mary, Joseph, Simeon, and Anna. A doll can be used for baby Jesus. Let the children take turns telling the story while others act out the play in the temple! (If you have costumes available, let the children dress in costume for the play.)


Put a large poster board on the wall and let the children to take turns writing or drawing pictures that represent some of God's promises. Have the children draw a small rainbow next to each promise as a symbol of God's faithfulness to keep his promises!


Give each child a round circle made out of poster board. Tell them to write or trace the words I WILL BE FAITHFUL on the button and pin on their shirt or dress. Colored markers and stickers could be used to make the button more exciting to wear!


Have the children fold a piece of construction paper several times and draw pictures of promises they want to keep on each page. Add stickers and write 100% on each page! Have a PRAYER together that God will help them to keep their promises to please HIM and to THANK God for keeping HIS promises 100%


Let the children go to the board and write I WILL BE FAITHFUL TO GOD and sign their names. Each child can share one way that they want to be faithful to God in the future!


Buy each child a small calendar or make a computer printed calendar for children to write or draw some promises on their calendar for each month of the New Year!


Give each child a chocolate or candied EGG for a treat to remind them of our Dr Seuss example of a promise in today Bible lesson.

Song: "God Is So Good"

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