Parting the Red Sea
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Parting the Red Sea"

Scripture Reading: Exodus 12:1-14


The class can be divided into two groups -- one group will be the Israelites and the other group will be the Egyptians. Each team can be given their own colored cloth to put on top of their heads or to stick in their shirt so the teams are identified. The teacher will put posters up on 4 sides of the room -- one can say RED SEA, one wall poster can say WILDERNESS; one could be PILLAR OF FIRE and the other can say GUIDED BY CLOUD, or the teacher can label each wall as desired. The children will have to listen very carefully as the teacher will shout out the team name and which area to run to as a team. Ex: ISRAELITES TO THE RED SEA: or EGYPTIANS TO THE WILDERNESS, ISRAELITES GUIDED BY FIRE, etc. Only one team will be running to their area of the room at a time. Walls can be labels anything that the teacher desires for the two groups to run to when called out.


Place a long line of chairs in 2 rows for the children to run through with the back of the chairs faced inside the area children will walk or fun through. Children will line up and each child will put on a colored cloth on the head and take a "walking stick" and run through the "RED SEA" and then will bring the cloth and stick to the next child in the line up and children will continue to RUN thru the "RED SEA" until everyone has had an opportunity to do the "walk".


Children can divide up into groups of two and take turns running to a wall, while one child carries another child on his back, using the bigger child on the bottom to carry a lighter weight child.


Give each child a piece of red construction paper and cut 2 inch slits on one of the long sides of the paper. Then have children roll each slit up and tape or glue to make the paper look a little like water rolling up. Children can write today's Bible verse or words from today's lesson on the paper. Children can also use blue paper for this, as water but the RED color will help them to remember the name of the sea and today's story, if desired.


Children can be given supplies to make a large sign for leading the Israelites. Supplies will be poster board or heavier card stock, markers, cotton balls and orange/yellow tissue paper. On one side of the sign, children can glue wisps of cotton balls to look like a cloud. On the other side, children can glue torn pieces of yellow and orange and red tissue paper to make it look like the fire that led the Israelites by night. As the teacher tells the story, the children can use their sign for leading the people to and through the Red Sea.


Give all the children a piece of construction paper to draw parts of today's Bible story as they desire. Then children can cut their puzzles into 6-10 parts as teacher chooses. Then they will hand their puzzle to the next person to try and put together. The teacher can have the children continue to hand the puzzle around the room as time allows. If the teacher has a large picture of the Red Sea or parts of today's story, then the children could each be given one piece of the puzzle to tape to a large poster board on the classroom wall to put the teacher's puzzle together, as well.


Each child can trace their feet on brown or tan construction paper. Then cut out the feet and glue onto a piece of blue construction paper and write words from today's lesson so that children can remember and recite today's Bible verse and lesson. Tell children to walk where GOD wants them to walk and HE WILL PROTECT them always.


What a Mighty God We Serve


RED JELLO JIGGLERS and children can be given jelly beans to represent all of the Israelites to stick into their jigglers!!

Song: "What a Mighty God We Serve"

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