Planting Seeds Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "Planting Seeds — Watching Them Grow"

Scripture Reading:  Mark 4:26-29

HOPSCOTCH with SEEDS: Let the children draw the hopscotch game with chalk on a sidewalk and then throw large seeds to each box that they hop to. Tell children that seeds will be a part of our Bible story today and to listen very carefully!

APPLE HEAD RELAY: Divide the children into two teams and let each player run/walk a relay with an apple on the top of their head. If the apple rolls off, the child has to stop and pick it up and start from that place and continue the "run".

BOBBING FOR APPLES: If it is permissible for the children to get wet, the children can bob for apples. Tell children the Johnny Appleseed story.

APPLE STICK RELAY: Divide the children into teams or let each child have an apple and a painter's stirring stick and run a relay with the stick pushing the apple to the finish line! If you wish, you can collect the apples and wash them for the apple snack treat today.

SEED PLANT MARKERS: Provide each child with a paint stick to decorate using colored markers. Have the children cut out and fold construction paper to make their own SEED PACKET, to tape or glue onto the decorated paint stick. Have the children write "SEEDS OF FAITH" on the packet and decorate it with stickers. The children can stick their plant markers in a designated area around the church or in their own garden at home.

FAITH GARDEN STEPPING STONE: If time and space allows, the teacher will have some plaster mixed up and ready to pour into small tin plates. The children will place some large seeds in the plaster along with some bright shiny stones. The children may lay the seeds in the plaster to spell out FAITH on their stone. The stones may need to stay in the classroom to dry until the next week.

WATERING CAN: If inexpensive watering cans are available, give each child a watering can and stickers or permanent dry markers to decorate their watering can and to write PLANTING SEEDS OF FAITH IN JESUS.

JESUS SEEDS: Give the children a piece of construction paper and a large number of seeds to glue on the paper to spell out JESUS! They can then decorate the paper with seeds along the border as the children desire.

SEED SCATTERING: Find an area where children could go outside after the lesson has been shared and scatter some seeds for flowers. The children can watch in following weeks to see if any seeds come up from their seed scatterings! Tell children how to scatter seeds of FAITH as well!

SEED PACKETS: Give children supplies to make their own seed packets. The "seeds" that will go inside their own seed packets, will be Bible verses written on little pieces of paper or will be words from the Bible verse for the lesson. Put the "seeds" into the packets and decorate the packet with stickers and words such as MY SEED PACKET, or SEEDS OF FAITH. Encourage the children to give their seed packet to someone else to learn today's lesson as they 'spread seeds of Faith'.

FLOWER POT SEEDS: Give each child a small flower pot or a small Styrofoam cup to decorate with stickers and write their own name and the words SEEDS OF FAITH. Give the children a couple of flower seeds or a bean to plant in the pot and to take home to watch their plan grow, just as our FAITH grows.

SIDEWALK FAITH: Let the children write the word FAITH on the sidewalk or parking lot and draw a simple picture of themselves by the word to show that they want to spread seeds of FAITH.

APPLE SNACKS: Give the children slices of apple to dip in caramel dip.

SING A SONG: Let children make up words for a song tune that they already know such as to the tune of "Jesus loves me" -- "Spreading seeds of faith today, that's what Jesus wants always, I will spread some seeds today, I'll love Jesus all the way". Children will enjoy making up songs about seeds of Faith and then can share and sing their songs together.

Song:  "Tell What He's Done for You"

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