The Biggest Slice of the Pie
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "The Biggest Slice of the Pie"

Scripture Reading: Luke 12:13-21


The teacher will have "slices of pie" cut out of construction paper for children to place in a circle and glue to another sheet of construction paper. On each "slice of pie" the children will draw or write ways to be unselfish in their own lives. Discuss the idea of giving up something to give to someone else and encourage children to put these things into practice in the coming week!


The teacher can have a small bag of items for each child at the end of class. Encourage children to give those items away before church has ended that same day, or if a child has someone at home or in the neighborhood that they'd like to share their items with, they could be allowed to do that as well. The teacher could have another little bag of "goodies" for each child to keep, if desired. (Small ideas would be a pencil, piece of gum, a small toy or other little items that a Christian bookstore might have in the children's section.)

SHARING HANDS paper plate:

Have children trace their own hands and cut out 8 "hands" and glue evenly onto a paper plate. Write SHARING HANDS in the middle of the paper plate and tie a ribbon to the top of the plate to hang on a wall, etc. Discuss what "sharing hands" do UNSELFISHLY!


Give each child a bar of soap and a piece of brown felt to glue onto the soap so that the bar of soap will look like a Bible. A piece of ribbon can be placed around the 3 sides of the soap to make it look like the edges of the Bible. Write the word BIBLE on the front of the "Bible" using glitter glue, foam letters, or a marker. This "Bible" will be SHARED with someone! A small typed Bible verse could be glued to the back of the Bible as well, if desired!


Give a piece of butcher paper about 18 inches Long to each child. Have some magazine pictures of "selfish things" that are not needed to make someone happy (ex: toys, new houses or cars, etc). Let the children glue pictures of these items to their wall hanging with a heading at the top of the Bible verse for today - Luke 12:15. Children might like to use different colored markers to make the verse STAND OUT at the top of the hanging. A small dowel rod can be added to the top to allow for hanging on a wall. Turn the top of the paper down about 1 inch and slip the wooden dowel through it and glue ribbon to the ends of the rod for hanging. This could also be a CLASS PROJECT and children could work together on just ONE wall hanging for the room!


Share His Love


For a special treat for the children, the teacher can have little pie tart shell for the children to fill with their choice of a pie filling that the teacher will have available—either a can of chocolate pie filling, or apple pie filling or cherry pie filling that is ready to eat. As the children enjoy their own pie, have a discussion about the story and the warn against selfishness and greed!

Song: "Share His Love" Traditional Folk Tune (O Waly Waly)

Sheet Music (PDF)

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