The Dividing Line
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "The Dividing Line"

Scripture Reading: Luke 12:49-53


The teacher will have 2 lines made with colored tape on the floor that will be stuck too far away from each other for children to be able to jump from one to the other. After children have attempted to make the JUMP, the teacher can lay a large poster-board-made CROSS with the words on it (JESUS PAID FOR MY SIN... or CROSS OF CALVARY, etc) and will lay the cross between the 2 taped lines to connect them, explain to the children that they can cross the "GREAT DIVIDE", because of Jesus!


The teacher can make two different colors of foot prints. One set of foot prints will lead the children that chose that particular color to a pile of THINGS. The other colored set of foot prints will lead those children to a CROSS and a BIBLE. Have a discussion about what following Jesus means in our lives. At the conclusion, each child then can CHOOSE which set of foot prints they want to FOLLOW. If they follow the BIBLE "path", each child can turn around and SMILE. If they choose the wrong path to the pile of "things", they can put on a sad face. Discuss what makes Jesus happy!


The teacher will set up an obstacle course for the children to attempt to go through. The first attempt will be made with blindfolds on. This will demonstrate the struggles of getting through life in a dark world. The second attempt will be made by the children with their eyes OPEN and they will see how much easier it is to go through our lives with JESUS who is our LIGHT.


Allow each child to take turns putting something about the story on the main classroom poster for today, titled "CHOOSING TO FOLLOW JESUS!" The rest of the children will FOLLOW THE LEADER and put that picture drawing or sticker, etc, on their own poster. This will reinforce the things they have learned today in our lesson and they'll be excited to add something to the classroom poster for other's to imitate—or FOLLOW! (The teacher should have stickers available such as hearts, crosses, feet, happy or sad faces, etc). Markers can be available for any words or drawings that the children may want to add!


Before classtime, the teacher will write CHOICES on colored index cards and tape on the walls and chairs in a large designated area. The CHOICES can be in various categories for each RELAY round, such as telling the children to run to find a card with their favorite color on it, or another round could be to run to find the card with their favorite number on it, or their favorite class in school,etc.


Have the children cut out large traced letters FOLLOW JESUS and color and decorate them and hang on a wall to FOLLOW JESUS.


Divide the children into two groups and have each group stand behind one of the lines that was mentioned in the first activity. Let the children choose the type of music they would like to perform and each group will perform for the other group.


Provide children with paint for their feet and the children will step onto a piece of paper to make their feet prints. A colorful marker can write FOLLOW JESUS under the feet and hang to dry.




If the facility has a freezer near by, children could be offered a choice of chocolate or vanilla ice cream cones for a snack. Have those who choose the chocolate cones stand on one one side of the taped line mentioned above and those who choose the vanilla cones will stand behind the other taped line. Questions and answers can complete the lesson about CHOOSING to follow Jesus and telling OTHERS that Jesus died for them too!

Song: "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus"

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Song: "Follow On" (chorus) by Robert Lowry

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