The Widow's Mite
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "The Widow's Mite"

Scripture Reading:Mark 12:41-44


: Divide children into 2 teams. One player from each team must go to the opposite side of the room and sit down with an offering plate. When the game begins, the team players will take turns running their money to the offering plate on their side of the team and then back for the next player to do the same. Have players sit down after completing their offering "run" and the first team to complete the "offering relay" is the winner. Play again if time allows and then have children sit in a circle and listen to the Bible story.


: Give children supplies to wrap a small package with ribbon and a bow. Give each child a foam or wooded heart to glue onto the top of the little gift and share the gift with the pastor or an older person. The gift could just be a written note of appreciation or a small piece of candy, etc.


: Provide children with various sizes and colors of small pieces of construction paper to glue together on a sheet of paper, to form a church. Children could use toothpicks for a cross over the church and a shiny silver gum wrapper for the door, etc..... children will enjoy being creative. Have children write .57c on several little pieces of construction paper on the church. Let children tell what the 57c means in our story today so they can be prepared to share this story with others.


: Have card stock paper folded in half for each child, before class begins. Cut a piece of colored contact paper the same size as the folded card. Give the card to child to cover with the contact paper and write inside the card with bright markers --- I CAN GIVE JESUS MY MONEY, MY ______________ AND MY ________________________. Signed _______________________


: Give each child a small can or box to cover with construction paper. Draw and decorate the construction paper and then tape to the container and encourage children to play loose monies into their offering can and give back to Jesus each week. Children will enjoy telling all the places that they might find loose change -- such as in their cars, under the couch cushions, etc.


: Before class time, draw coins on a piece of paper and make copies. Then write today's Bible verse for Mark 12:44b with a word on each coin. Give each child or team (depending on teacher's preference) an envelope with the Bible verse coins and let the child or teams put the coins in order and glue onto a cut out picture or drawing of a Bible.


: The children will take turns kneeling on a chair facing the back of the chair. Place a jar on the floor behind the chair. Give each child at least five 5 pennies to try to drop into the jar. The children can keep the pennies they drop into the jar to put into the SS or church offering.


: Have a jar full of pennies (any size jar is fine) and see which child in the class can guess the correct number of pennies in the jar!! The child who guesses the closest to the correct number of penniescould get a small prize or could have the choice of how the pennies would be spent for the SS class or in church, or to be given to a missionary, etc.


: Give children a couple of round cookies and some frosting. Children can then use a toothpick to trace a 1c, or 5c, or 10c, on their cookie, while talking about how our money can be given and used for Jesus. Then children can enjoy eating their cookies.


: Let the class work in two teams to make up words and a song about today's lesson -- using PENNIES, LOVE, JESUS, CHURCH, etc! The children will enjoy sharing their short song with the other group! Tape the children's voices on a CD if possible!

Song: "Our Best"

Words and Music (pdf)

Accompaniment Track MP3