Through Lifes Maze Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "Through Life's Maze"

Scripture Reading:  John 17:6-19

SOCCER MAZE: Set up a field of obstacles in a designated area and have children take turns kicking a ball around the obstacles. If the ball leaves the area, the child or leader can place the ball back at the same area where the ball left the maze and continue to kick to the end of the maze. Make sure all children get to play at least one time. Let children know that LIFE is a MAZE and to listen carefully to today's story.

POTATO (OR GRAPE) MAZE: Set up a field of obstacles as in the above game (or the same maze) for children to take turns pushing a potato or a small grape through the maze as quickly as possible. If 2 mazes can be set up, then the children can be divided into teams for the relay race. The potato or grape can be shoved along with a stick or a small wooden dowel.

A maze can be set up with chairs, tables, toys, blocks, books, etc for children to RUN thru the maze as quickly as possible - making all the turns and hurdles and to see who has the quickest "time". As children run through this "maze", they could also be told to pick up certain items along the way that would be objects or words for today's story time. IF children run the wrong way and hit a "dead end", they must turn around and find a way "out" of the maze. Teachers -- use your imaginations and have fun with this "path" maze!!!

TREASURE HUNT: The teacher can have 10 places for the children to find "clues" at each stopping place in order to FIND THEIR WAY to trusting in GOD! The first "stop"that the teacher tells the children to go, will have a clue for the next place for them to find the 2nd clue and onto the 3rd clue and continue until they find their way to the final object which will be the BIBLE, to give them directions in life that will lead them safely through this world for guidance and protection!

FINGER PAINTED BIBLE: Give children supplies for finger painting a BIBLE in various colors if desired. With a paint brush or their finger or other objects --- encourage children to write B-I-B-L-E on their Bible painting. Other words can be written in the paint - words from today's lesson such as guidance, protection, trust, etc.

WOODEN SPOON TRUST: Provide each child a long handled wooden spoon for children to paint (with a very small brush) a face on the spoon section and a word from today's lesson. Tell children they can stick the spoon into a garden or a flower pot at home to be reminded of our lesson today.

TRUST BOOKMARK: Children can make a book marker for their Bibles, made out of card stock paper, markers, stickers and a hole punched in the top with yarn or a thin colored ribbon. Children can be encouraged to write TRUST, JESUS HELPS US THROUGH THE MAZE OF LIFE, etc. Children can draw squiggly lines on the book marker to represent a maze!!

Children can be given supplies to make their own kites with coloring the outer kite, adding thin dowel rods, etc (instructions can be found under google)and decorate kite from today's lesson ideas ... OR children can cut out a kite, decorate it with colored markers and stickers and add a very long curly ribbon to the bottom and hang the kites on the classroom wall. Each kite can have a different word from today's Bible lesson such as God's protection, God's guidance, Trust, Jesus, GOD's Word, etc.

PLAY DOUGH MAZE: Children can work together to make a maze with stop/dead end places. After a MAZE has been built, the children can take turns on the classroom table with very small cars, to go through the maze and see how many dead ends they come to.


SHARE A SNACK: The teacher can have a large sheet cake made before classtime and frosted with white frosting. At the end of class, the children can take turns writing words on the "Bible cake" from today's lesson... such as trust, God, Bible, Jesus, protection, etc. Then let children take a picture with their BIBLE CAKE and then cut the cake to eat as a class snack.

Song:  "Lead Me, Lord" by Samuel S. Wesley

Words and Music (pdf)

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