We Are Family Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "We Are Family"

Scripture Reading:  Mark 3:20-35

FAMILY PICK UP: This game could be played like hide and seek or like the game of tag. Either way, one person will start and find or tag another person to JOIN THE FAMILY. They will hold hands each time one is caught and continue to find or tag more and hold hands until the whole class is holding hands and running together.

FAMILY OBSTACLE RUN: Set up a simple obstacle course and then children will all hold hands or can be behind each other and hold on to the shoulders or waist of the person ahead of them. Children will run through the obstacle course together but never letting go of the person in front of them.

FAMILY COLLAGE: Children can be given construction paper to make a border around the edges. Children can cut out pictures to make a family collage with pictures of adults and children. Write words from today's Bible verse or lesson at the top of the picture collage.

FAMILY HUNT: Hide the letters of F-A-M-I-L-Y around the room and tell children to run to find the FAMILY!! Put their FAMILY letters in order on a poster board and write words about GOD's FAMILY around the poster board or a word for each of the F-A-M-I-L-Y letters.

HAPPY FACE FAMILY: Provide children with large happy face stickers to stick onto a piece of construction paper or a bright colored recipe card. Children can draw arms and legs on their happy face stickers and write GOD's FAMILY... or write names of their own family over the top or under the happy face stickers.

FAMILY CLOTHES PINS: Give children several wooden clothes pins to decorate as a "person"... sharp point markers for facial features; small piece of material to glue around as a shirt or dress; and yarn to glue on the top as hair or a cut out piece of felt, etc and cut as a hat. Let children use their "family people" to tell today's story.

FAMILY CUTOUTS: Children can be given a piece of construction paper and fold back and forth 4 times and draw an outline of a person but when cutting the outline, make sure to not cut on the folds of the hand area so when the "people" are unfolded, they are connected at the hands, as a FAMILY, and hang on the classroom wall!

FAMILY TREE: Children could draw a large tree on a poster board or on their own individual piece of construction paper. Show children how to make branches and leaves, etc. Children can write names of people that they know belong to the FAMILY of GOD. Label their drawing at the trunk of the tree as the FAMILY OF GOD. Add flowers, birds, grass, or flower stickers, etc, as desired.


SHARE A SNACK: Each child can be given a round happy face cookie already frosted and happy face drawn on the cookie with frosting gel, or the teacher can allow the children to draw the happy face as well.

Song:  "If You're Happy and You Know It"

Words and music (pdf) pdf

MP3 piano accompaniment

Song:  "I'm Happy All the Time"

Words and music (pdf) pdf

MP3 piano accompaniment

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