You Have A Message Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams

Sermon Title: "You Have a Message"

Scripture Reading:  Matthew 4:18-22

FISH AND FOLLOW: Have fish cut-outs on the floor for the children to follow to catch the BIG ONE at the end of the "fishy trail". The BIG FISH at the end could be some candy taped onto a BIG FISH or a little container of "fish crackers". There must be enough BIG FISH prizes for each child that will play the game.

FISH SEWING: The children will decorate 2 fish to be put them together with a little paper towel in the middle for stuffing. The fish should have holes punched around the edge so that the children can then take yarn and sew the fish together and then hang from their door knob or on the wall in their bedrooms for decorations.

"FISH WITH NAMES" ART: Give the children several fish to color and decorate (even sequins are neat to glue where the gills would be). Children can glue their fish to a BLUE poster board and write names of people they could tell about Jesus so they can be "fishers of men." Let the children take turns praying for people they want to tell about Jesus.

FISH MOBILE: Have pictures of fish you have cut from magazines and let the children glue them onto a piece of poster board cut into a fish shape and hung from a decorated hanger to make a mobile. Encourage the children to write on their fish phrases such as FISHERS OF MEN; FISH FOR SOULS; COME FOLLOW JESUS; FISH WITH JESUS. You could allow each child to make a mobile to take home or let the children work together to make one for the SS classroom to remind them each week to be fishers of people!

BIGGEST FISH DRAWING: The teacher will place two pieces of blue poster board together and draw a VERY LARGE simple FISH drawing and attach it to the wall. As the children arrive, they will be encouraged to draw little fish on the BIG fish and write a name of someone they would like to remember to pray for. The children will enjoy having such a BIG FISH on the wall in their classroom! A picture of the children standing by the BIG FISH would be an added delight for each child!

GET IN THE BOAT: The teacher will use masking tape to form the outline of a boat on a classroom floor space. This can be used to tell the story or to play a game. If using the boat outline as a game, the teacher will pretend to call a group a group of children on the cell phone to tell them to get into the boat. Another call can tell another group to get in the boat or tell several children to get out of the boat. Continue to play the game with different groups of children getting in and out of the boat. Tell them to be sure to listen carefully to the "message".

BIBLE FISH: Give the children supplies to trace and cut out a Bible and color the cover of their Bible. The children will write words from today's lesson and also trace and cut out a fish to color and decorate to place inside the Bible as a book marker or to be displayed on a classroom wall!

FISH BOOKMARKER: The children will draw and cut out a fish. They will then decorate it and write today's Bible verse on their fish. Add a piece of fishing line to the fish and place it inside their Bible.

NET FISHING: The teacher will purchase some "netting" to hang on the wall for the children to place drawn and cut out fish into the net while telling today's story. Each fish can have words from the story today such as JESUS, FOLLOW ME, FISH FOR PEOPLE, SEA OF GALILEE, BIBLE.

Song:  "I Will Make You Fishers of Men" by Elaine Kirkpatrick

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Song:  "Fishers of Men" by Harry D. Clarke

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