Can You Believe It Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "Can You Believe It?"

scripture Reading: John 20:19-31

"CROSS" Lacing: Cut out two crosses from poster board and hole punch around the edges for children to lace up and hang at home or in the classroom. "I BELIEVE" is printed on the cross.

Crosses are cut out of one large piece of poster board ahead of time (for younger children) or older children could cut the cross out themselves. "I BELIEVE" is written on the cross using crayons and the children will paint the cross with sponges. It goes quickly with each child having a bigger soft round sponge. Children will love to take that large cross home!

CHENILLE CROSS: Make a cross out of chenille wire and hang a mini-sign saying "I BELIEVE" at the top.

CROSS PUZZLE: Make a puzzle with I BELIEVE and colored pieces that teacher will have cut up and put in separate envelopes for each child to piece together, or 2 children can work together, depending on ability.

"TISSUE PAPER SCRUNCH CROSS": Cut crosses out of poster board.  The children will then take small pieces of colored colored tissue paper and crumple them up and glue them to the cross in a pretty design.  You can then add a hanger or put a magnet on the back for the refrigerator.

I BELIEVE GAME: The teacher would state something almost UNBELIEVABLE in the Bible and the children will say I BELIEVE or I DO NOT BELIEVE! Questions could be from the story of Jonah, Daniel and the Lions Den, Esther, David killing a giant, turning water into wine, Jesus walking on the water, raising Lazarus from the dead, etc.

I BELIEVE Poster: Glitter glue I BELIEVE on a poster and let children add happy faces and cross stickers, etc. while discussing the lesson with children! Will we be a doubter or a believer?  FAITH is believing in things NOT SEEN!!

BELIEVING MATCH GAME: The teacher will make up 2 identical cards of different types of crosses or Easter symbols,  Bible verse references, etc and children can play a match game. Discussion about what the CROSS means to us and our BELIEVING!!!

Song:  "Only Believe" by Paul Rader, arr. by Charles Kirkpatrick

Words and Music (pdf)

MP3 Piano Accompaniment - (Two measures introduction and sing twice.)

Song:  "He Is Lord"  arr. by Charles Kirkpatrick

Words and Music (pdf)

MP3 Piano Accompaniment - (Four measures introduction and sing twice.

About Carol Williams
Carol and her husband have served churches in Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi, Michigan, and Indiana.  Carol loves to work with children so you will find her teaching in Junior Church and children's Sunday School.  She also has clowning ministry in which she is known as Bubbles tc (the clown).
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