A Bird Story


God gives blessings to share and be satisfied


None is needed


"The man with two tunics should share with him who has none, and the one who has food should do the same." Luke 3:11 (NIV)

It was one hot summer day. A lone bird wanted to experience the time of his life: have a nice, good bath and indulge into a fine dining. Armed with desire and craving, he headed for a beautiful spot. He landed by the blue, calm lake nearby the village. And viola, it was teeming with fish! He immediately plunged his beak into the water and after a second, a fish was seen. He took it into his mouth and …. “That was luscious,” he commented. He started for a Second…. Third…. Fourth…. Numerous rounds of diving and eating followed, and despite the fact that his tummy was already full, he was not satisfied. He was actually hankering for more. Soon after, many birds of his kind joined in. They also started diving and eating…. Diving and eating….Diving and eating… Boy, what an appetite! And when the lone bird saw this, he immediately sidetracked every one of them. He ran after them, one after another, flying to and fro to distract their attention but there were many of them! Some of the birds did the diving; others did the flying while the other group just stood by. The multitude of birds grouped themselves into three! When the lone bird was the gazing birds diving, he began to chase them, so the birds on standby did the diving part. When the lone bird saw it, he was very angry that he trailed after them and again the flying group put into position of diving and still the lone bird pursued them. By this time, it was getting dark nevertheless the chasing continued. Unfortunately, he cannot convince the birds to fly into other lakes to do their hunt. He realized he cannot continue the chasing, so he immediately withdrew himself from the crowd feeling tired, exhausted and mad. Sometimes, we are like the lone bird. We wanted to have more and yet not satisfied. We began to crave for more until our desires be fulfilled. And if people around us want to have their shares, we become nutty that we drive them away. Not knowing that the lake of blessings is too big for us! Dear Lord, please help us to be satisfied with all the things we get. Help us to share with the needy ones, the poor and the less fortunate. Help us to put a smile on each person’s face through giving and sharing, In Jesus’ Name, Amen….